Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas is Over

Another Christmas has came and gone. This year it was a bitter sweet Christmas. Daddy is not feeling well and we couldn't help but wonder as we took pictures of everyone if he would be with us next year. We have tried not to dwell on the sad but to look on the positive. How many woman can reach 58 years of age and still have both their parents alive? We need to be thankful for all the years we have had with them and to thank them for raising four daughters who have lead productive lives.
After a week of bitter cold, the weather has turned off gorgeous. So nice that the children have even been able to play outside in heavy sweat shirts. Alas all of that is changing tomorrow. The cold air is moving back in and there's a chance of snow Thursday night into Friday. At least we've had a small break from it and for that we are thankful.
With Christmas behind us, it's time to start settling in for the winter. My favorite time of year!!! Oh how heavenly that sounds after all the hustle and bustle we have been going through. The time of year when I can sit before the fireplace and hook, cross stitch or Needle Punch to my hearts content. If the snow if softly falling, it's just that much better.
Of course staying home is only half the fun....The Topeka Hook-in is next weekend and I'm hoping the weather will be good so I can go. Not that I need any more wool (That doesn't mean I won't buy any though! HA) but rather I need some inspiration and your sure to get that from all the talented gals that attend. I'm going to be embarrassed beyond belief for everyone to see I'm still working on a Halloween project but I refuse to start anything else until it's done. (I told you I've been busy!!!)
Along with all the fun crafting projects I have planned, I also have lots of yummy new recipes to feed my family. I'm branching out and starting to make up some recipes of my own. At first I wasn't sure I could do this but I've made up two new cookie recipes the past two days and both were big hits. Keith told me I can experiment all I want if this is any indication of what I can do! HA As I can go along I'll be sharing what I've come up with so you can try them out too.
Well, there are clothes to be brought in and dishes to be done (One of the downfalls of cooking!) so I best get in there. I hope you've survived the holidays and you too are enjoying winter. Hugs, Sher

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