Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~~The Best Mother's Day Ever~~

It all started Friday when a gorgeous bouquet of flowers of was delivered from our oldest daughter and her sweetie. (Thank you Kara!) Later that evening, our son, Sam and his wife Renee showed up. We spent the evening visiting with them and on Saturday morning Seth & Codi came with more flowers in hand. (Thanks kids!) By now I'm feeling like the luckiest woman alive. Little did I know I was about to become even happier!
Earlier in the week Sam had called and asked if we could eat at everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant in Iola. Keith and I agreed that we would do this rather than me fix a big meal on Sunday. When asked, the kids all agreed they wanted to eat lunch rather than supper so plans were made to be in Iola at noon.
After everyone sat down and our drinks had been ordered Sam (Who was sitting next to me) asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I told him just having my kids home was enough for me. He then said, "Well, would you rather have a boy or girl?" Since we have just gotten Latte (the puppy) my first thought was he was wanting to get us another dog and instantly I said, "I don't want another...." then it hit me! They were going to have a baby!!!! Keith and I were laughing and crying at the same time. I'm sure everyone in that restaurant thought we had lost our minds!!!! You see girls, for medical reasons we weren't sure they would ever be able to have a baby so this was not only a miracle but truly a special gift from God just as all babies are! I swear we cried for a good half an hour we were so happy!!!! Poor Jeni and Drew weren't sure what was going on (Jeni couldn't hear what Sam had asked me) but once they found out they too were excited....Jeni is already making plans to "baby-sit"! HA
Our special little one is due on Christmas Eve. Of course that means Mommy and Daddy won't be here to celebrate with us but ole Grandpa and Grandma are making plans of their own. If he/she arrives during Christmas break {Remember, we still have little ones in school!} and the weather cooperates, we'll be making a trip to Neb.. Otherwise we'll be glued to the computer (Camcorders) so we can see our baby daily! Can you tell this old grandma is one happy person??? HA
After this good news the rest of our weekend passed in a daze. We played board games, the boys helped Keith get the pool ready for summer (I don't think it's ever going to get warm enough to swim!), the kids all loaded up and took Latte walking in town, ect... It was just a laid-back, wonderful, relaxing weekend!
So, Mother's Day 2009 will be one of happy memories and now we'll be spending the next few months praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery for Mom and Dad. Blessings to Your Family From Ours, Sher

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