Tuesday, February 01, 2011

~A Monster Snowstorm?~

    For over a week a monster snowstorm has been predicted for Kansas.   Of course we’ve heard talk of things like this before and nothing ever comes of it so we haven’t paid much attention.    Last night before the first snowflake so much as fell our local schools we’re called off.   Our schools close very seldom, never before it’s 100% necessary.   At that point we realized that maybe, just maybe we really were going to have a major storm.

     This morning we awoke to snow falling from the sky at an alarming rate, the wind blowing ninety miles an hour and temperatures so cold you can’t be out there for more than a few minutes.  (I know this for a fact as I have outside cats to feed!)   Yes, it’s true…Kansas in the middle of a monster snowstorm!!!!

     It’s times like this I’m thankful Keith & I are retired.   It’s hard living on a tight set budget but I would hate the thought of getting out on these horrid, snow packed roads too.  It’s easier to live on less money and know we don’t have to risk our lives to get somewhere.  [Betty, I’m worried about Tony!]

     So, this morning George Jones is softly singing to me about lost love, candles are burning and my little family is safely sleeping in their beds.   A good time to have some ‘me time’.

    For weeks I have been telling you about the “Winter Rug” I’ve had on my frame.   My goal was to have it hooked & on the floor by the end of January.   I’m happy to report I made it!   While there are things I would do differently if I had to do it over, I’m just thankful it’s done….Note to myself, “Do not do another rug that big.”    Anyway, here’s how it looks:

snowman rug small 1 

             Not one to have nothing to work on, the minute the last loop was pulled, I had several more projects ready to go.   I really wanted to start another rug but since I was waiting on linen backing to arrive in the mail, that wasn’t possible.    Instead I decided it was time to work on a few Needle Punch projects.    Out came the weavers cloth, DMC floss, patterns, NP needle and my little work basket.np small Within a few days I was happily punching away.    I have to be honest it was nice to work on something different for a change.   Of course by now I’m ready to move on to another rug.

      Well, George is getting tired of serenading me so I best let him get some rest and start thinking about some breakfast for my crew.   How does waffles & sausage patties sound?  I hope your all warm & safe in your homes this cold, winter morning?  Remember, in just a few weeks we’ll be talking “Spring”.

                      Winter Smiles, Sher

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