Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Getting Cold Out There!

Good Morning!
     December has slowly made her way into Kansas and with her coming she's managed to bring some cold air.  To cold I might add!  This past weekend we not only had frigid temperatures but the wind was out of sight.   No matter how high I turned that ole furnace up, I just couldn't get this house warm.   Of course having the fireplace open all night (Because someone keep the fire going late into the night & by the time everyone went to bed the coals were to hot to close it off.  Now who would have been that stupid?   Oh yes, ME!) let that cold air stream down the chimney.  No wonder it was so darn cold.  Today it's suppose to get above freezing and since we've had no snow I really shouldn't complain.
      I've been absent from this old blog for over a month now.   I have a good reason....Jeni has finally been able to be fitted for braces.    In doing so, she's had to have all four wisdom teeth removed.    It seems as if anything that could go wrong has so Keith & I have spent our days driving back and forth to Ottawa to the Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon.   We'll be making another trip tomorrow & then hopefully things will start to fall into place and we can stay home!
      Even with all these unplanned for trips I have managed to get the tree up, the house decorated for the holidays and 90% of our Christmas shopping done.   And even more surprising is, all of our gifts are wrapped & under the tree.   To those who know me (I HATE wrapping presents & put it off until the last minute!) I know this will come as a surprise.
     Being gone from home so much has really put a dent in my crafts.   I did manage to finish up one little cross stitch piece & I have to tell the story of how it came to be........
     Living on a farm we are always encountering dead critters.  Be it mice or opossums it seems as if there is always something smelling up the place.    About a month ago we both noticed a smell out by our wood pile.   Keith moved some wood around but we never could discover what or where the smell was coming from.   About a week went by and since the weather was staying pretty warm the smell was really getting bad.   So bad I started walking the long way around the house when hanging laundry out to avoid the smell.   One day as I was fixing supper, Keith came in and told me to follow him he had something I had to see.    Across from the wood pile in our hay field lay this BIG dead deer!!!   That's where our smell had been coming from.    Now I ask you, how I had we walked by that area a million & one times and never seen him????   Talk about feeling stupid!   We have no idea what happened to him.   Maybe he was hit on the highway and made it into our yard to die or maybe he was hit by a deer hunter.   Either way, that magnificent critter was dead.
    It was several days later as I picked up a piece of old linen and began to stitch I realized how much the death of that deer had effected me.   For on that linen, a Christmas deer suddenly came to life.   I'll never look at this little pinkeep without thinking of that poor deer who not only died on our property but who we ignored for weeks.

        With our weather turning colder it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have a Christmas rug.   So, out came the linen and within a few hours I had drawn out an image to hook.    Of course I can't leave anything alone and within pulling a couple of dozen loops I had it off the frame & was adding more to it.   Hopefully I'll be able to share a photo after the holidays...Not a chance it will be done any sooner with all the running we've been doing!
      Well girls, I've pretty well caught you up on all our news.  Now it's time to head for the kitchen and get everything out for Keith to make his 'famous fudge' and then I'll have the privilege of cleaning up his 'famous mess'. HA    Have a great week & stay warm.  Hugs, Sher

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Rug 2010

Happy Halloween!!!
    Yes, it's that time of year.   My favorite time.   Not only is the weather crisp & cold but in a few hours little ones will dressing up as their very favorite character and walking house to house saying "Trick or Treat".   Alas, this will be the first year the last of eight in our house won't be going.   I know there has to come a time for the fun to end {After all, our little ones are as tall as most adults!} but I'm sure not ready for it.   I guess I'm just a kid at heart and I've had fun living life over through my kids.   Instead we'll be fixing a spooky supper and watching a bunch of new movies.

     Last posting I promised to share some of the rugs I have been working on.  In thinking it over I've decided each month I will share something (A rug, a Needle Punch project or a cross stitch design) rather than sharing them all at one time.  Since it's a cold Halloween day what better one to start with than the one that is now in front of our fireplace.....

This little rug is a Notforgotten Farm design.  I wanted the witch to stand out and since I didn't have any light purple wool (And was to lazy to dye some!) I choose to outline her in a light gray.   I know the tree looks as though it has 'spots' but in real life it doesn't.....A reminder that I need to read the instructions that came with my camera!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out & I'm sure it will grace my home (and then hopefully one of my children's homes) for years to come.

      Tomorrow all our Halloween decorations will come down and be stored for another year.   In their place will be other signs of Fall.   Before I know it, they too will be taken down and out will come the Christmas things.   Time/life is definitely passing to quickly.

      Well, I still have a load of laundry needing hung out and then there are Halloween cupcakes to frost.   Guess I'd better get in gear.   I hope your all enjoying a spooky day and have a safe night.  Hugs, Sher

Friday, October 08, 2010

For the past few weeks Fall has slowly been making her way to Kansas. Gone is the horrid heat of summer. In it's place are cool, crisp mornings, falling leaves and nights that makes you snuggle under flannel sheets. But of course we can't go into this season in total bliss....We have to have a little sickness too. Yes, it's that time of year when our little ones bring germs home from school that they so willing share with Keith & I. We always say it's because we're so old we catch things worse than others but I'm sure young parents get sick too. At least Keith & I have the advantage of not having to get up and go to work when we're not feeling well.

Jeni was the first in our family to come down with a bad cold. Naturally, I caught it from her. Of course I would catch it the weekend we had plans to visit our kids in Neb.. Sam assured me they had been sick too and for us to go ahead and come. I hated to do it but he kept insisting so finally I gave in. I didn't feel good the whole time we were there but did manage to spend some "grandma time" with our precious Reese. (Thankfully none of them caught it from me.) I'm so glad we went. Despite not feeling well we had a wonderful time (They've done so much to their home since the last time we were there....Renee has a wonderful way of mixing new with family heirlooms!) and we even went to a great flea market....Where I picked up a wonderful primitive table. (I could write a book about trying to work it into the van!)

By the time we got home not only was I really sick but so was poor Keith. (He swears he caught my cold from being cooped up in the car with me and I'm sure he's right!) For over a week we have laid around and just now starting to feel like we are going to live. I know we'll catch more 'crud' before the winter is over but I sure hope it's not anytime soon. I've laid around enough to last me a lifetime.

With Fall in the air it's been time for decorating. Out has came the bittersweet, pumpkins, autumn flowers, fall leave garlands, wreaths and crows. It's such a departure for me to go from my Americana theme to 'oranges' but one I truly love. So perfect for these cooler temperatures and shorter days.

And you can't decorate in fall colors without doing a little fall crafting. Dragging out my NP needle I quickly made the two fall designs you see at the top of the page. The pumpkin is a design from my dear friend Betty (Primitivebettys) and the cat and jack-o-lantern is a Notforgotten Farm design. Aren't they darling? I have several more that the punching has been completed, just not the hand-work involved in finishing them up. Sigh

This time of year also makes me want to surround myself in wool....Which explains why I recently purchased five more yards! HA First I made a witch rug (Again a Notforgotten Farm pattern) and I'm now whip stitching the edges of another cat rug. I love seeing all these wool projects come together but was even happier when Keith remarked, "Wow, your really whipping those rugs out there." Okay, I haven't done that many projects but it was nice he thinks so! I'll be sharing photo's of those next post.

While I could ramble on for hours, the kitchen floor is calling my name so I'd best get in there and give it a good cleaning....Especially as today is 'date day' for Keith & I and I sure don't want to be late for that. Enjoy these cooler days. All to soon it will be winter. Hugs, Sher

Friday, September 03, 2010

Our Time Together

With another Summer coming to a close, our little ones have started back to school. Normally this is a bittersweet time for Keith & I. While we love our time alone, it's sad to watch the children climb on that big yellow bus and leave us. A reminder that we're growing closer to the time they'll be leaving our home for their own lives. Not a happy thought to these two old parents!

This year it was a little different for us. While we weren't happy to see them go, we knew it was time. It's been one long, hot summer here in Kansas. One where we have all been cooped up in this old house and we were all starting to get on one an others nerves. Time for school to start!

With our young'uns safely in school, it was time for Keith & I to enjoy one another. What better way to do that than hitting every flea market, yard sale and new restaurant around! I love shopping with 'the girls' but I absolutely adore shopping with my Sweetie! I swear girls, Keith & I can walk up to the same yard sale and he'll always manage to see some wonderful treasure that I over-looked. It's like he has a built in radar for finding these things. The past two weeks have been no exception. Each time we've went out we've came home with the van loaded down with everything from a hand-made table to old crocks, vintage linen, baskets, antique furniture, old chairs, crafting supplies and even an old trunk. What great things we've been finding.

Of course finding all these wonderful treasures has only been half the fun. Now we have the excitement of finding a place to put everything. Sadly our little house is already wall to wall with our finds so a lot of this has been stored in my shop. And that brings another problem...Shop over-load! We're praying these next few weeks bring cooler weather so we can head out there and get it back in shape. I have a gal coming for our antique cooking stove so having it gone will definitely free up a lot of space for more things. Oh how I love 'playing' in my shop!!!!

Well girls, there's another yard sale in town this morning so you know where we're heading. As Keith said yesterday on our way home from one out in the country, "Aren't we lucky Sherry that we have something that we both enjoy doing and that we have the time to do it?" I couldn't agree more. Have a safe Labor Day weekend and do something with the one you love. Talk to you soon. Hugs, Sher

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Was I Thinking????

Each year Keith & I try to do something to improve our home. Some years the projects are large (A cabin out back, a swimming pool with deck, a greenhouse, ect..), other years they are small. (Painting our old picket fence, refinishing a piece of furniture or installing a new dishwasher.) After much discussion this year we decided a complete remodel of our main bathroom was in order. No, this isn't something wanted to do but rather something that was needing done. After all, this tiny little room hadn't been touched in over twenty years and it was definitely showing it's age. The only problem was, we didn't discuss exactly when this little project would be started.

So, it came as a complete surprise to both of us when one morning about three weeks ago I walked into our bathroom, grabbed the corner of one piece of wallpaper and gave a pull. At that point there was no going back, we had officially started our bathroom face-lift!

As with any old house, ours sure has her fair share of problems. This became very clear as the remodel got underway. For each step we took forward, it seemed as if we would take two steps back. Of course it would have helped if we had planned exactly what we were going to do before I pulled off that first piece of wallpaper. Keep in mind, I've never said I was the brightest crayon in the box!

The first order of business was to remove all wallpaper and get the walls in painting condition. Sounds like an easy task but when you consider there were THREE layers of wallpaper on this room and I was having to keep the air vents covered to keep crap from going down them~~~ Well, let's just say it wasn't a pretty picture. I swear, everything in this house was coated with a fine coat of white speckling dust by the time I was done.

Once the walls were in painting condition, it was time to make the real decisions...What fixtures we were going to put in there. Keith said since we would probably never do this room again (Like I need to be told that!) to get what I wanted. For almost a week I hit ever store around looking for just the right things to go back in there. Do you have any idea how many vanities, lighting fixtures, flooring choices there are??? I tell you girls it's mind boggling.

All my married life I have preached to anyone (My kids included) to live on shoe-string budget. As I was shopping for this bathroom I suddenly stood back and took a good look at myself. How could I preach one thing and do something completely different? For me that was the changing of the tides. Back to my cheap roots I went.

It's amazing when you have to do something on a small budget how creative you can get. Honestly, you look at everything in a whole new way. Suddenly that outdated vanity and old cabinet didn't look so bad after all! In fact, everything looked pretty good except for the flooring and light fixture. Since I was saving so much money by reusing most things, I felt I could splurge on the flooring. I wanted the look of wood and was thrilled when I found a flexible linoleum that filled the bill.

It's been a LONG, HOT three weeks but at last I'm happy to report the room is complete. While not the greatest in the world, it's clean and neat. How long it will stay that way is any one's guess! For now I'm thrilled just to have it complete and look forward to the fun part....DECORATING it!!!! Stay tuned, pictures will be posted within the next few weeks. Hugs, Sher

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer 2010

Good Morning!
Summer has arrived in Kansas! Now we have had years where I swear a person can actually hear the corn growing it's so peaceful. Not this year! Summer on "Old Crow Farm" has been a wild, sad one. It started out with Keith going out of State on business. I never handle him being gone with ease but this year was the worst of all. We've had tons of rain so mowing our yard (Which I have never done and will not do now because of my back problems.) became a every other day affair. Our son Seth was driving back and forth (Almost one hour each way) to try and stay on top of it and even that was hard to do with all the showers we were having.

As the rain came down, our beloved old dog Bubba was called to The Lord. Through more tears than all the rain we were having, we watched him go downhill and take his last breath. Once again Seth made the trip back to the farm to lay him to rest. He's now resting in his pen with all the other farm dogs we have had through the years. Jeni made his cross and fresh flowers were put on daily until we could purchase silk ones. Never has a dog been more loved.

Keith hadn't even made it home, when Mother called to tell me a dear classmate had passed away. We knew this day was coming (She had cancer) and I'm so thankful I had the time to talk to her and tell her how much I loved her and reminisce about all the good times we'd had over the years. Once again reminding me how important it is to let the people you love KNOW it before it's to late.

Then just one week later my Uncle Joe passed away. This was Mother's only living brother and his death came much to close to Dad's for her. She's has had a hard time dealing with everything and ended up in the emergency room at our local hospital. Thankfully with Keith home, I was able to over and stay with her until she got back on her feet.

With all the sadness Summer has brought it's brought joy too. I've been able to reconnect with another dear classmate (Bonnie) and spent one afternoon catching up on all the adult news in our lives. Isn't it strange how forty years can go by and the minute you see someone everything comes rushing back? Thank you Bonnie for being my friend then and now. Love ya!

With Dad's death in March, this year no ones heart was in to having our annual Fourth of July meal. Instead, on the Fourth we held a "Family Dinner". We had eighteen here for lunch and we did things differently than usual. Sam did most of the cooking and while the big kids played in the pool, I spent my time cuddling Reese and playing trains with my youngest grandson Carson. I know everyone was thinking of Daddy (Oh how he loved coming here on the Fourth!) but by not holding it outside and putting up the tent it helped.

With just a few short weeks until our little ones go back to school (I'm NOT ready!!!) we are now trying to cram in as many fun times as possible. I'm hoping my dear friend Betty and her son Trinity will make a trip to the farm within the next week and we also plan to meet in Emporia so she can see Seth & Codi's new home.

And speaking of their home.....We will be going over next week while they are on vacation to help them with some outside work. To be honest it's much to hot here in Kansas to be working outside but it's got to be done so........

Well, this pretty well catches you up on our lives. I have several other things to share but they are going to have to wait until I have more time. I hope this finds everyone well. Please try and stay cool and remember to TELL your loved ones that you love them. Hugs, Sher

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~~It's Spring in Kansas!~~

I can't believe it's been so long since I updated this blog. For those of you who follow my other blog you know that in March Daddy went Home. It's been such a sad five and a half weeks. We've tried to be strong for Mom, all the while our hearts are breaking with the loss of Dad. My Dad was a man who had such a love for life and because of that we will carry on. Just with a much heavier heart.

Spring has arrived in Kansas with it's usual rain, storms and weeds in the flower gardens. There's not much I can do about the weather but I have been trying to work on the weeds. Keith & I spent one whole week cleaning out a shed and cleaning up the gardens. I was awarded for it with my back giving me fits. It took several days of bed rest but I'm at least able to walk once more without being in horrible pain. It's not fun getting old...Especially when you live in the country and have so darn much to do.

This past week the rain has moved in and while I hate storms with a passion, I have to admit I have enjoyed the break from outside. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy over house-work either but at least it's not back-breaking work! Of course after spending so much time outside the work inside had really piled up. Slowly I'm working my way through things and I've even managed to do a few fun things too.

School will be out here in a little over four weeks. I can't wait! These last few weeks the teachers have really been piling the homework on the kids and I for one am sick of it. Jeni still has to work on a 'Personal Brochure' and then I think the big projects will be completed. At least I hope they are. I'm ready to have my babies home, fighting and swimming in the pool!...Remind me of that in July! HA

Well it's clouding up here again so it looks as though we are in for more rain. Time to shut this ole computer down and fix my crew something for supper. I hope your all enjoying your Spring and staying safe from storms. Hugs, Sher

Saturday, January 23, 2010

~~Appreciating What You Have~~

As winter moves forward in Kansas and we are 'house bound' one can't help but take a good look at their own home. I mean when your cooped up for days on end, one can't help but be aware of the things surrounding them. I'm going to admit something here.....For weeks I have read all the wonderful blogs out in Blog Land and drooled over all the wonderful, big homes displayed. To be honest, it's not hard to be envious of some of these women's homes. Not only are they big and the furniture perfect for each and every room but these women are always going shopping and buying more. Whether it's a big piece or something small to add just the right touch (Okay, they call it 'tweeking' but I absolutely hate that word!!) money seems to be no object.

The past two weeks we have watched the horrid and destruction in Haiti unfold. We have watched people who owned next to nothing lose even more....The most precious things they had, their loved ones. Among this nature made hell and grief beyond belief we saw the true sprit of human nature come through. With no money to build back their homes they put what we primitive lovers call 'make-do's' into work. Taking bits and pieces of tin, wood and rocks they have constructed new 'home's' to provide shelter for their families.

As I watched I was suddenly not only ashamed of myself (For being envious of others wonderful homes.) but for the people who own these homes. Why do American people think they need so much? Why do we think we have to have the best, the most perfect things for our homes? Why do we feel each room as to have just that 'right touch' for everyone to see?

Shortly after this devastating earthquake hit I was up early one morning walking through our house. Walking down our hallway my hand brushed against an antique piece of furniture and it was as though a jolt of electricity went through me. This old familiar piece of furniture that has been around for close to one hundred years was calling to me. It was telling me to take a good look at my house. With only the dim light of daylight starting to break through the front window, I looked around at this old house we call home. Yes, the carpet is worn in some places almost through and yes the walls need painting in the worst sort of way. The furniture has seen better days and nothing ever seems to stay in it's place thanks to kids and animals. But as I looked at each familiar room it showed me something else. This was OUR HOME! The home that we worked long hours and scrimped and saved for so we could have it paid off by the time we were fifty. The house that our kids call "home" and one that brings them comfort when things aren't going well.

Oh, I'll continue to buy pieces for this old house as we run across them at yard sales and I'll continue to make little things to give each room a different look. But no longer will I envy other woman and their gorgeous big homes with wonderful furnishings. My home is OURS and just like the people of Haiti, I will 'make-do' with what I have and thank God every day that He has allowed us to have a roof over our heads, food on our table and our family to be together. After all, isn't that what a home really is? With Love, Sher

Monday, January 04, 2010

~~Winter 2010~~

The winter of 2010 is one we here on the prairie will not soon forget. It started on Christmas Eve day with ice/sleet. By evening the snow had moved in and what a snow it was. Visibility went down to zero and suddenly we were in a blizzard. All night the wind howled and the very core of the house shook. Morning brought dark skies and snow so deep Keith actually had to break a window out on our back door to get outside.

Since then we have not only had several more snowfalls but we are experiencing bitter cold temperatures. By the middle of the week our highs are suppose to be -7 during the day. Now for Kansas, that's COLD!!!!

Christmas is always a busy time for us (And I'm sure you too!) and this year we had the added excitement of waiting on our precious new granddaughter to be born and our newly married kids to be moving into their first home. So, we kept putting off our monthly shopping trip to Topeka until it was to late....Bad weather was upon us.
Anyone that knows our family knows we can not live without a 'Sam's Run' at least once every six weeks. So, tomorrow Keith & I are going to brave the cold and make a mad dash for Topeka. I hate leaving the farm when the kids are in school but we have no choice....If I don't have pork and chicken to cook with, I'm lost. I know this is going to be a very expensive day for us (You would have a light stroke if you saw our grocery list but I swear I'm out of everything!!) but it can't be helped. By the time we get home not only will our deep freeze but also our pantry will be filled to the brim.

Once we have plenty of food in the house I plan to sit before the fireplace and start some serious stitching and hooking. I have so many ideas whirling around my head and thankfully everything bought to complete them. So, check back in a few days and I'll be sharing pictures of what all I'm making.

And now it's time to head my little ones towards the tub and then in a few hours they'll both be tucked in for the night. I hope this finds you safe & sound in a warm house, enjoying the Winter of 2010! Hugs, Sher

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