Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kansas!

   Today our great state of Kansas turns 150 years old.    I think the way I feel was best summed up by our thirteen year old daughter.  When talking about Kansas she said,  “Mom, she looks pretty good for  someone who is this old.   If we take good care of her she’ll continue this way.”   Amen Jeni!

     The month of January is about over.    It’s been a sad month for our family.    We have said good-bye to two wonderful, older women in our lives.   First to leave us was our DIL Codi’s great grandma.   Grandma Jackie was one of those special women that to meet her was to love her.    Not only did we love her for who she was but because she welcomed our son into their family with open arms and treated him like one of their own.     There’s no greater compliment to a parent than to see their children loved by others.   She’ll be missed but never forgotten.

     A week later we said good-bye to a dear neighbor lady of my youth.    As I attended the funeral yesterday I was reminded of what a talented woman Ruth was.   Always willing to teach what she knew to others, a wonderful neighbor and a loving wife and mother.   The bells of heaven are ringing and two special women have been reunited with their husbands who have gone on before them.

     Today will be a day to go on with living.    I will be finishing up my winter rug and hopefully by evening it will be lying in front of our fireplace.  Then it’s on to another project.   There are several ideas dancing in my head and by evening one will be started.

    So, I will leave you once again reminding you how precious life is.   Enjoy each & every minute.   Tell those you love how how much they mean to you and hold them close.   Hugs, Sher

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~~A “Snow Day”~~


     Yesterday the heavens opened up and the snow drifted down.    All day long it fell & by the time night arrived the ground was white.     Along with the snow there was talk of the wind picking up & and a cold front moving in.   With talk of a ‘white-out’ arriving by morning the children held their breath that school would be canceled.    Yes!!!  This morning along with the cold we had our first official snow day of the season.

     Now I ask you, when you wake up to this~~~

a snow 2 small

And this~~a snow 1 small

How can you not be happy?????

       My first order of the day was “We need more bread”.    Out came the recipe books and within a couple of hours I was pulling this..bread Italian small out of the oven.

     Of course you can’t have bread without having a homemade soup to serve with it.   Next order of the day, this…wild rice soup small Wild rice soup with chicken & mushrooms.

       My family has now been fed so it’s time for me to have some fun.   The next few hours will find me working on my newest rug….

a snowman grey small

I hope you too are enjoying a snow day and having some fun!   Hugs, Sher


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A New Year~~~2011


   At last Christmas is over & all the decorations are put away for another year.    Oh how I looked forward to that day.    My winter rug was stretched on my frame .  Floss, linen and patterns were calling me to sit and stitch, piled beside my favorite wing backed chair.    And then it happened…..My legs that had been giving me fits all through the holiday season suddenly gave out.     Just like in May I was back to being flat on my back.  Not the same time of pain as before but horrid never the less.

      So, for the past week I have been laying in bed complaining to anyone that came within ear shot.   Okay, I admit it….I’m not someone who can lay around and if I have to, I make everyone around me miserable.  (If you think I’m kidding, just ask Keith.  He’s taken more tongue lashings than any man should have to take in one life-time!)

     Laying flat on your back in bed you can only do a few things…Read, watch TV, play on the lap top and look at every little thing in that bedroom that’s needing done over.   I swear it’s enough to drive a person nuts.    Finally I decided the time had came to try something besides bed rest….I started taking the muscle relaxers the doctor had given me back in May.    Within an hour of taking one I knew why there so many left in the bottle….Not only did I feel loopy but all I could do was sleep.  

    However, they seem to have worked.    My legs are still bothering me (At this point I’m starting to think it’s old age!) but not to the point I want to commit murder.   I can finally sit for more than two minutes at a time and walk across the floor without screaming in pain.

      I have decided I have to take it easy for awhile & give them time to heal (It’s a good excuse for not cleaning house. ) but I should be able to work on a few crafts.   The first thing I’m going to do is finish up my winter rug.   I’m waiting on an order of wool to arrive {It was my Christmas present from Keith & wouldn’t you know it was lost in the mail! GRRRR } and then it’s back to hooking for this old gal.    So, hopefully next posting I’ll have a photo or two to share.

    I hope all your holidays have been safe & fun and that your starting the New Year out in good health.   Stay warm, Spring will be here before we know it!   Hugs, Sher

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