Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kansas!

   Today our great state of Kansas turns 150 years old.    I think the way I feel was best summed up by our thirteen year old daughter.  When talking about Kansas she said,  “Mom, she looks pretty good for  someone who is this old.   If we take good care of her she’ll continue this way.”   Amen Jeni!

     The month of January is about over.    It’s been a sad month for our family.    We have said good-bye to two wonderful, older women in our lives.   First to leave us was our DIL Codi’s great grandma.   Grandma Jackie was one of those special women that to meet her was to love her.    Not only did we love her for who she was but because she welcomed our son into their family with open arms and treated him like one of their own.     There’s no greater compliment to a parent than to see their children loved by others.   She’ll be missed but never forgotten.

     A week later we said good-bye to a dear neighbor lady of my youth.    As I attended the funeral yesterday I was reminded of what a talented woman Ruth was.   Always willing to teach what she knew to others, a wonderful neighbor and a loving wife and mother.   The bells of heaven are ringing and two special women have been reunited with their husbands who have gone on before them.

     Today will be a day to go on with living.    I will be finishing up my winter rug and hopefully by evening it will be lying in front of our fireplace.  Then it’s on to another project.   There are several ideas dancing in my head and by evening one will be started.

    So, I will leave you once again reminding you how precious life is.   Enjoy each & every minute.   Tell those you love how how much they mean to you and hold them close.   Hugs, Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Sher, I am sorry to hear of the losses... but it does sound like Heaven is welcoming both with warm open doors.

Happy Birthday to Kansas! Today is going to be a pretty day too! :)

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