Saturday, August 01, 2009

~~ Summer 2009 ~~

Good Morning!
Summer 2009 is slowly coming to a close. I realize I have neglected this old blog in favor of some of the others I have and the time has came to rectify that. From now on I will be giving this blog equal time and will use it a little different than I use my other blogs. It will be more of my thoughts, rather than our day to day life on the farm.

Summer this year has been different to say the least. We started out cool and wet and went to hot and wet in a matter of weeks. We are now ending July with temperatures so cool it's unbelievable. We are also staying wet. (Another hard soaking rain last night!) While we have really enjoyed the cool weather we could have done without some of this rain. Right now we can't even get our hay bailed and I hate having all that tall grass next to the house. Daddy always said he'd take a wet year to a dry one because eventually you'll get the crops out and with a dry year, there are no crops. So I guess the farmers are happy.

While summer has quickly passed this year (Little ones start back to school in just three weeks) we don't feel as though we accomplished much. Keith has spent the summer mowing (I hate to think what we've spent on gas alone for those lawnmowers!) and I honestly don't know what I've done. We did have a busy year with Jeni's surgery on her nose, gatherings at our home and Seth & Codi's wedding. Could those have taken up the whole summer? Believe it or not, they have. I for one am glad to see it come to end and with the first feel of Fall to the air I am starting to feel free....No more being cooped up in this house because of the heat, no more hating to fix a good meal because I don't want to run the oven, no more hating to drag my crafting supplies out because it's to hot to clean up the mess. Yes, I'm more than ready for Fall!

And with Fall is going to come a new me....One that is starting to pitch more junk, one that is going to be hooking, cross stitching and needle punching until she can't see, one that is going to change a lot of things about their house and someone that is going to enjoy their family to the fullest. So stay tuned and follow my journey. Hugs, Sher

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