Monday, December 12, 2011

~~Feeling The Season~~


     It’s a dark, dreary morning here on the farm.   There’s rain in the forecast for the next two days.   After a very dry summer we welcome the rain but it would be nice if we could see a little snow.   After all, we are entering the Christmas Season!

     And speaking of the season~~~I’m happy to announce the house is all decked out in red & greens.   Since we now have three kitties (What was I thinking?) in the house I really didn’t want to put the main tree up until the last possible minute.    However, Keith saw things differently. (Like he’s going to be in here to pull the kitties off it!) so up it went.   Actually they’ve done pretty good where it’s concerned.   They like to sit in the old buggy seat and bat the balls around but for the most part really haven’t bothered it.

     Now I don’t want you to think they are little angles either!    Earlier this month I NP four little sheep off my dear friend Betty’s (From Primitivebetty’s)  “Symple~Herb Filled Sheep” pattern.    Girls if you don’t have that pattern, run right out and buy it.   I swear they are darling and if someone with my sewing skills can put them together, you know the pattern is easy!   I made these for my dear friend Carolyn, trying to duplicate two of her sheep.   I knew wouldn’t see Carolyn before Christmas so decided to stick them in a bowl with some greenery and display them in my house.12-1-11 small Starting off, they were on my Hoosier cabinet.  That lasted all of one hour.   Our cat “Baby” must have thought they looked like mice (Hmmm, maybe my sewing skills aren’t as great as I think they are?) and the next thing I know, she’s walking around with one in her mouth!   Screaming “Bad Kitty” and chasing her for five minutes I finally  manage to get it away from her.   By this time I knew they were going to have to be displayed somewhere else.   Deciding high up on my kitchen table would be a safe place, I went happily to bed.    The next morning I awoke to greenery scattered like leaves in the wind and a bowl missing two sheep!   It was hours before I finally found them….One tucked under a throw rug and another under the loveseat.

     Now during the day they are still displayed on the table but each night, bowl & all they are carried to the master bedroom to sleep safely through the night.   Sorry Baby, no more having fun with my sheep while I sleep.

     Since we have so many young’uns they will all be coming home at different times this year for Christmas.   This means ole Mom gets to do tons of baking all month long.   Luckily they each have their ‘favorites’ so I’m not cooking the same old things over & over.   The storage containers are quickly filling up (And un-filling as my crew snacks on them.) and I’m having fun trying out lots of new recipes.   Is it any wonder we are all getting so fat????

     Well girls, the day is quickly passing & I’m not getting anything done.   It’s time to get in gear and who knows, maybe they’ll even be time to pull a few loops on the new rug in there on my frame.    Have a great day and stay warm.   Hugs, Sher


Friday, November 25, 2011

A Fall Walk Through Our Cabin

Good Morning!

    Another Thanksgiving has came & gone here on Old Crow Farm.   For the first time in 43 years I didn’t fix the traditional Thanksgiving meal.   It seemed so strange not to have turkey (We opted for a spiral ham which my crew eats much better than turkey.  It was even eaten the night before with our son Seth & his wife Codi.) but I’m thrilled not to be throwing out turkey this morning.    Even though I didn’t bake a turkey, we still had one Thanksgiving day…..We ate with my Mom and three of my sisters and their family.    We had a wonderful day and spent as much time laughing as we did eating.   Okay, that’s probably a lie.   We ate a lot!!!!

       Now that we have one holiday behind us, it’s time to move on to the next…..Christmas!    Apparently the weatherman has decided it’s time to let the Thanksgiving season go too as cold weather is in the forecast.    The perfect time to start a fire in the fireplace, remove all the Fall decorations and replace them with our Christmas things.

     Before I do that though, I wanted to take you on our walk through our little cabin all decorated for the Fall season.     Are you ready?   Grab your coat & a hot drink as it’s getting chilly out there.

      Okay, let’s walk through the front door.    9-19-11this1    How do you like my chair?    It’s the perfect place to curl up with a good book or your favorite stitching project.    And that second chair with little foot stool is just perfect to invite a friend to stitch or hook with you.

       Now if it’s cold, we can start a fire in the fireplace.11-23-11 small   Okay, maybe we be better do a ‘pretend’ fire.    We don’t want to burn the place down! HA

       If we get tired of stitching, we can always set on the sofa and watch a movie.9-11this2   Or if we get really bored we can open one of my many cupboards and go through recipe books.  11-23-11 this one  

     No matter what we do, I’m sure we’ll have a good time.    I mean, how can you help but have fun when your with a good friend?     

     Okay, it’s time to drag out the Christmas decorations.   Grab your coat and let’s go back to the ‘big house’.    Your welcome to stay but if you do have to run (I know…We’re both a little late for all the Black Friday specials!) I understand you can can come back any ole time you want.

     I hope you’ve had a Blessed Thanksgiving and have had a lot to be thankful for.   Heck, just have you as a friend is Blessings enough for me.    Hugs, Sher

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~~What A Day!!~~

     I know I promised to share pictures of the cabin the next time I posted but have you ever had one of those days that you just had to put down in writing so you wouldn’t forget it? Or maybe I want it in writing to make sure I never do anything so dumb again!  Trust me, yesterday was one of those days for me.

    It all started out so innocent.   A perfectly normal day….Fighting with the little ones to get up and get around for school.   Making sure everyone had breakfast and all school books were in one spot.   Then things started to change.   Not just change, I mean it was like a ball rolling downhill. 

    First, I went to the basement to get  meat out of the deepfreeze for supper and to bring up a gallon of milk from our second refrigerator.    Since I’m old & hate to make those stairs, I decided to bring up some other things I was needing at the same time.   That was my first mistake of the day.   With hands full, I reached for a can from our storage unit and dropped the milk.   That plastic bottle shattered like a glass on concrete and in slow motion I watched one gallon of milk flow over that basement floor.  I was in such shock I just watched it running like a river over rocks.   By the time I came to my senses I had milk everywhere!!!!

      I flew up those stairs (Yes by this time who cared about a few stairs!) to grab the mop and a bucket.   Before that could happen, Keith yelled that the garbage cans (Which sit down at the end or our drive on a very busy highway) were gone….The wind had blown them onto the highway!  I just stood there no knowing which way to go.    Did I clean up milk that was making it’s way to our furnace  or run after garbage cans that could cause a wreck?   Thankfully Keith had gotten dressed and said he’s go after the cans.   It was back to the basement for me.

     This weekend is our monthly family get-together and being the smart stupid person I am, I decided this would be a good time to do a little fall cleaning.   Now in case there are any other smart stupid people like me, let me issue a warning here….DO NOT clean a super tiny bathroom with more than one chemical cleaner at a time.  I almost gassed myself to death.    Yes, I have a clean shower floor but no lungs!

     Thanks to my morning ‘milk spill’ I had no milk for our supper.    So, I got really creative and planned a meal around the lack of it.   Since Drew wouldn’t be having the mashed potatoes I had told him he was having, I decided to try a new recipe for a chocolate popcorn for our dessert.    Now this is where my day really took a nose-dive.

     The recipe called for Kettle Corn and staying in tune with the rest of my day, I burnt the first batch.   While the second one was popping, I turned on the oven and started making the sauce.    Suddenly the house was filled with aroma of sweet, gooey goodness.    Being the smart stupid person that I am, I’m thinking this has to be the most wonderful sauce ever to smell so good.   The only thing I couldn’t figure out was why it didn’t smell like chocolate since there was so much chocolate in it.   It was then I opened my oven door.   Inside, puffed up and dripping down from the rack to the oven bottom was a large bag of what had once had been marshmallows!  Yes, one of my darling family members (Okay, maybe it was me!) had stuck a bag of marshmallows in the oven to get it off the counter.    If you haven’t seen what marshmallows and the plastic bag they come in look like melted, just take my word for it….It’s not a pretty sight!!!!

   Of course I screamed and that started a whole new set of problems. ~~~~ Drew’s cat Stormy decided she’d better check out the commotion so she comes running in.     By this time I had pulled out the whole rack (Dripping, hot, gooey marshmallows with every move.) and then stood there no knowing which way to turn.  

      I finally decided the trash can would be my best bet.   If I haven’t lost you by now, keep reading…….. Imagine one fat woman, holding a hot baking rack, dripping hot, sticky marshmallows over a trash can and a large gray cat reaching to pull those very same marshmallows off.  (And we all wondered where the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” came from!!!)   Of course I’m still screaming only this time I’m trying to kick the cat away from the hot marshmallows.  I didn’t make it.    She dipped both front paws in and then calmly laid down and started licking her prize from her feet.   Yes, she’s enjoying herself and I’m going nuts.

      If you’ve never cleaned hard (Yes, they harden once melted) marshmallows and hard plastic from your oven racks you might want to take my advice and not try it.  It’s not a fun adventure.

     By the time night came I was more than ready to climb into bed and be thankful the whole day was over.   I’m sure each time I turn on the oven these next few weeks I’ll be greeted by the smell of warm marshmallows.   Heck, maybe the day wasn’t so bad after all.    Hugs, Sher

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~~ Finally…Fall ~~

     For several weeks now the signs of Fall have been coming to Old Crow Farm.    Gone are the super long, hot days of Summer.   In their place are cooler, shorter days.   Days when you can walk out the door and actually not have your breath taken away.   No longer is the grass bright green.   It’s been replaced with dry, brown earth.   The trees are doing their magic, turning once green leaves to shades of gold, brown, red, yellow and orange.   Fall, you’ve got to love it.

      Long before we actually saw or felt these changes, I was starting to make some changes of my own.    It seemed as if every rug I hooked had a pumpkin or two in it.    I made Keith dig out my “Fall Tote” (He had to do the digging because he had moved it from it where I normally keep it!) and that’s when the real fun started.   

   Each year I add a little something new to my Fall collection so I have tons of things to work with.   Some of the old favorites are left in the bottom of the tote to be replaced with new, others are set out first.   Within hours my “Americana themed” house is transformed with touches of orange.

     Since we’ll be hosting the Halloween party for my side of the family in a few weeks, I’ve gone all out in decorating the outside of our place too.   I started with our tiny little front porch.    I made Keith haul an old primitive table (Which is much to big for that tiny space.) out of his shed and together we some how got it fitted in.     When everyone is here I’ll lay a Fall themed rug on it but for now this is how it looks…..

10-7-11 small

[The rug will be between the large pumpkin in the wire basket and the small pumpkin in the old metal bucket.]   I haven’t taken a picture of it yet but to the left of the big pumpkin, there’s a an old wooden piece Keith made sixteen years ago hanging.   From it I’ve hung an old ratty broom and a skeleton.      See, I told you I was taking this Fall decorating seriously! HA

      Not to leave any stone unturned, I next moved on to our little bus stop house.  (Which looks more like an outhouse! HA)   I normally decorate with mums out there but this year I decided not to waste my money.   Instead I went with small pumpkins and some hay.   I love the look….Simple & cheap!   In my next post I’ll tell you how I’ve decorated our little cabin for the season.

     The change in our season has also brought some changes to me.   Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s because I’ve suddenly realized I’m never going to accomplish everything I want to do in my life.    Whatever, I’ve decided to start using my time more wisely.   No longer do I spend hours online reading what everyone has been up to.  No longer do I rush to ‘do it all’.   I now have set aside time to do all that’s important to me.   Oh, I’ll never give up my favorite blogs…But they are now checked within the first few hours of my day.   But once that’s been done, I quickly move on to the things that really matter….My family, my home and my many hobbies.   Not only has it made me a much happier person but it’s made my family feel the same way.   The house is clean, there’s wonderful meals on the table, yummy desserts waiting to be ate and I’m smiling because I’ve actually done something FUN that day.    Does it get any better than that????

      So join me on this new journey and let’s see how much I can get accomplished before the snow starts to fall.    Hugs, Sher 



Thursday, August 18, 2011

~~Getting Ready For Fall~~

    Well, this is the day we have been waiting for....The little ones go back to school. It's such a mixed feeling day. I'm definitely not ready for them to be gone all day long but these past few weeks they've became restless so I know they are ready to be back among their friends. Do you remember what that feeling was like? You couldn't wait to see what your friends had been doing all summer and to catch up on the latest gossip. Two days later and you were ready for the weekend so you could be away from everyone! HA

   Of course having the kids gone all day long has it's advantages....I get to have Keith all to myself. Normally when the kids start back to school we have a 'date'. We go out for a special lunch and then hit all the flea markets. This year things will be different. Drew had a dental appointment yesterday in Lawrence and since we were so close to Topeka, we decided to swing by and do our monthly Sam's Club run. Since Keith's surgeries every little thing wears him out so there is no way we can run two days in a row. So, instead of an outing, we'll be heading to town for a light lunch and a visit to the library. Exciting times! HA Actually, they sound pretty good to me. That means I'll have the majority of the day to work on fun things around the house.

     The weather in Kansas has finally started to cool off. Okay, truthfully they say the heat will be returning over the next couple of days but this past week has been wonderful. For the first time in months there is the hope that Fall is right around the corner. I'm so excited!!!! Not only is it my favorite time of year weather wise but it's also my favorite time of year to decorate. It seems I'm not alone in my feelings either...The blogs & magazine are all full of the colors of Fall. Naturally I've been pouring over all of them and making list of the things I want to make for my house.

     And speaking of fall........The kids will start their first full week of school Monday and that's when I'll start giving this ole house the evil eye and be deciding how it's going to be decorated. I can't wait for the earthy colors to come out. They can't help but make me feel cooler and the days more crisp. (Okay, that's what I'm telling myself.) I have so many plans and naturally most of them include the color orange, rust, brown, deep reds and gold. Time will tell if they all make it into the house.

     And it's just not the inside of the house we'll be decorating but the outside too. Tiny though our front porch is, I have some ideas of bring it into the season. From there I'm moving on to the cabin and giving it a make-over. I guess you can tell I really am excited to get everything started. HA

     On my list of things to make & do are rugs, rugs and more rugs! HA I just finished a wonderful rug pattern {"Five Pumpkins"} by Judy Cripps of Rustic Rugs. I did my border a little different than she did hers (Okay, let's be honest here...I couldn't get the border to hook up as neatly as she did...My fault, not the patterns.) but I still love it. In fact, everyone who comes in my house goes on & on about it. So, if your a rug hooker, give Judy a call and order that pattern. It's definitely a winner. I'm now working on another pumpkin rug and hope to have it ready to show early next week.

    Well I could ramble on for hours but it's time to run to town and then the fun begins....I'm gonna spend my afternoon hooking. I hope your all enjoying cooler temperatures and thinking thoughts of Fall. Until later......Blessings from Old Crow Farm & Sher

Friday, July 15, 2011


      Life is always changing.   Sometimes it's a good thing.   Sometimes it's a bad thing.   One thing you can always count on, nothing is ever going to stay the same for to long at a time.
       These past few months Keith & I have been reminded how quickly things can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye.   It started with an ambulance ride for Keith and a six day hospital stay.   Heart surgery and home to recover.   From the time we got home we knew things weren't right.   Another heart surgery last weekend and home once again.   The chest pains are still there so I'm sure he's facing by-pass surgery in the near future.
        We have now officially became 'old people'.   No dropping things and taking off at the blink of an eye.   Now everything is thought about half a dozen times before we actually do it.
       As for good ole home-cooked meals..... Yes, even those have taken a turn for the worse.   Do you know what it's like to watch calories, sodium and cholesterol?  Trust me, it's not fun!    I've had to learn a whole new way of cooking but learn I have.   I even amaze myself with some of the things I come up with.
       I've told you the bad part of our lives, now let me tell you the good.  Keith is still with us and all this time at home as gave us more time to do the things that really matter.   To kick back and look at how fortunate we are to be at the stage of life when we don't have to get up and go to work every morning.   To not have to worry about how were going to do each & every little thing.  (Thank God for older children who have picked up the slack and make sure were okay.)   Yes, life is still good, it's just a lot slower than it used to be.
       In the next few days I'll be telling you how good life can be when a person is home all the time.   In the meantime everyone please stay in from this horrid heat and enjoy your homes.    Hugs, Sher

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday on the Farm

Good Morning!
      The last day of March and what a gloomy day!  Actually, the whole week has been gloomy.   We've had everything from rain, to sleet to snow.   Notice I didn't mention sunshine?   That's because we've only seen the sun for about ten minutes this whole week.   Tomorrow that is suppose to change and I pray for once the weathermen are right...I do not handle dark, dreary days so you can about imagine what my mood has been like.   I'm definitely not someone you would want to be around right now.

     Because I'm getting older and the ole eye sight is going, dark days make it hard for me to work on any sort of craft...I need direct sunlight to see!   I have managed to pull a few loops on a rug for my friend Carolyn..........

But those loops have been far and few between.  Hopefully tomorrow when the sun is shinning all of that will change and I'll be back to hooking away.
        One thing the darkness has been good for is cooking.   I've tried several new recipes these past few days and most of them have been keepers.  Because we were having such cold weather I refuse to go to town {I refuse to get out when it's cold unless I just have to!} and since I was down to a fourth of a gallon of milk, I had to get very creative on the meals I fixed.   At first it was a challenge but by the end of day four I was starting to see we really could get by without milk.  Try it sometime, you'll find your family eating a whole new way.  
     And there is definitely an up-side about the days being dark~~It's the perfect time to drag out a good book  to curl up with.   I've been doing my fair share of that too.   I'm halfway through my second book this week.   Hmmm, maybe these days aren't so bad after all.
       Well, my day is quickly passing by so I'd best bring this to a close and get something constructive done.   Wishing you warm, sunny days!   Sher

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gorgeous days of March

Good Morning!

     Once again Spring has came to Kansas.   The grass is getting green, the trees are budding out and the weather has turned off gorgeous.   Okay, I’ll admit it….I’m a Winter Girl!   I love it when the snow is softly falling and the air has a nip to it.   But I have to be honest and admit there is something about Spring that is wonderful too.   When the air is cool and the sun is shining one can’t help but feel God it standing right beside you.   What a wonderful feeling!

      This year my family decided to do a little something different to celebrate Spring’s arrival.   We decided to have  St. Patrick’s Day party.   Not one of our usual gatherings but a real St. Patrick’s day celebration.     Out came the green decorations, the table held a real shamrock center piece (Oxalis), Irish music played in the background, everyone dressed in green and we had all Irish food.   I was really feeling snug about everything I had fixed and then my sister Sindy had to show me up….She did tons of research and came up with traditional Irish food.  The potato dish with bacon & cabbage had everyone asking for the recipe!

     Now if her food wasn’t enough, she decided we should all have real Irish Coffee.   And just not any Irish whiskey could be used, it had to be this real expensive stuff.  (Sorry I can’t remember the name of it.)  Imagine a bunch of ole Kansas gals fixing real Irish Coffee, it was a sight to behold.   You never saw so much laughing in your life.   Or heard so many directions being given…“Now lightly whip that cream just until it’s slightly whipped!” “Pour that cream slowly over the back of the spoon so it doesn’t sink to the bottom”.   It was hysterical but we had so much fun!

     So much fun that we decided we were going to have a special gathering with a different theme each time the kids come home.   Our next one is going to be in May and the theme for it is Mexican.  This ole gal won’t be outdone in the food department for it….I’m on a search for real Mexican food that will out-do everyone else's!    Yes, we definitely need to get a life!

      With our gathering over, it’s time to get back into my real world…One of cooking, cleaning and working on some new things to decorate my home.    I’m happy to report my newest rug is just about complete.   Want a to take a peek at it?…..

a crow small

Yep, once again I got wild on the colors.    I’m not sure what’s going on with me but for some reason my last two rugs have been bright & bold.   Definitely not my usual style.    Maybe I’m changing. Hmmm….

      With this rug almost complete it’s time to get another one ready for the frame.   Before that happens though, I think I’ll work on a few Needle Punch designs.   Who knows, maybe I’ll decide I like one of the enough to make it into a rug.

       Well girls, our little ones are on Spring Break so it’s the perfect time for this ole Mom to work on some fun things for the house.    I hope your all enjoying gorgeous weather and getting tons done.   Until later.   Stay Safe, Sher

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Rainy Tuesday

Good Morning!

     It’s a rainy day here on the farm.    While I’m not crazy about  that, I am thankful it’s not snow….And just across the state, it is!    I know we are going into our Spring season and I don’t look forward to it at all.   In fact, I’m really dreading it.    I’ll take snow any day to the threat of tornado’s.  Not to mention I’m not ready for all the yard work that comes with spring and summer.   Okay, guess it’s safe to say I’m just a winter gal.

       It seems forever since I’ve posted.   That’s because I’ve had major computer problems and when I finally got them fixed I found that my blog had disappeared.  At least the dashboard for it had disappeared.   It took me forever, but I think I’ve finally figured out what the problem was.   Why couldn’t I have been born with a better brain so I could be computer savvy???? SIGH

    Even with the computer problems, I’ve managed to have some ‘fun times’.   The main one being going to the Lenexa Hook-In.   Like always, we had to drive in a little bad weather (Heavy fog and a little ice) to get there but it was so worth it.    Lots of wonderful vendors and rugs.   But the highlight of the day was not only ridding up with my friends Betty & Robin but meeting new friends once we got there….Sandra, Ginger, PatiJane and Chelle. 

     Not only did I come home with bags full from a buy spree {Wool, patterns, books, dyes, ect..)but also with wonderful gifts from some of the girls there.   Honestly, they spoiled me rotten and once again I’m amazed at how giving hookers are.    Such a wonderful bunch of  loving, giving women.

     For months Betty has been trying to talk me into trying Oxford Punching.    The last thing I need is another hobby but once I saw the piece Ginger was working on at Lenexa, I was sold.    So, it off to a vendor to buy her last needle.   I haven’t had the chance to try it out but hopefully that will be next week.   Ginger made it look so simple but I know me….I’m sure I’ll struggle to push so much as a loop.    Maybe we can talk the Oklahoma girls into coming back to Ks. for another lesson???   Sounds good to me!

      Of course I came home inspired from all the wonderful rugs on display.    I quickly finished up my “Circus Rug” (Aptly named for it’s bright colors!) and I’ve now started another.    At least Keith can’t say I’m  wasting money on wool…It’s all being used!

      So, on that note I’m going to sign this off and get back to hooking.   Everyone try to stay dry, warm and well.   Until later.   Hugs, Sher


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

~A Monster Snowstorm?~

    For over a week a monster snowstorm has been predicted for Kansas.   Of course we’ve heard talk of things like this before and nothing ever comes of it so we haven’t paid much attention.    Last night before the first snowflake so much as fell our local schools we’re called off.   Our schools close very seldom, never before it’s 100% necessary.   At that point we realized that maybe, just maybe we really were going to have a major storm.

     This morning we awoke to snow falling from the sky at an alarming rate, the wind blowing ninety miles an hour and temperatures so cold you can’t be out there for more than a few minutes.  (I know this for a fact as I have outside cats to feed!)   Yes, it’s true…Kansas in the middle of a monster snowstorm!!!!

     It’s times like this I’m thankful Keith & I are retired.   It’s hard living on a tight set budget but I would hate the thought of getting out on these horrid, snow packed roads too.  It’s easier to live on less money and know we don’t have to risk our lives to get somewhere.  [Betty, I’m worried about Tony!]

     So, this morning George Jones is softly singing to me about lost love, candles are burning and my little family is safely sleeping in their beds.   A good time to have some ‘me time’.

    For weeks I have been telling you about the “Winter Rug” I’ve had on my frame.   My goal was to have it hooked & on the floor by the end of January.   I’m happy to report I made it!   While there are things I would do differently if I had to do it over, I’m just thankful it’s done….Note to myself, “Do not do another rug that big.”    Anyway, here’s how it looks:

snowman rug small 1 

             Not one to have nothing to work on, the minute the last loop was pulled, I had several more projects ready to go.   I really wanted to start another rug but since I was waiting on linen backing to arrive in the mail, that wasn’t possible.    Instead I decided it was time to work on a few Needle Punch projects.    Out came the weavers cloth, DMC floss, patterns, NP needle and my little work small Within a few days I was happily punching away.    I have to be honest it was nice to work on something different for a change.   Of course by now I’m ready to move on to another rug.

      Well, George is getting tired of serenading me so I best let him get some rest and start thinking about some breakfast for my crew.   How does waffles & sausage patties sound?  I hope your all warm & safe in your homes this cold, winter morning?  Remember, in just a few weeks we’ll be talking “Spring”.

                      Winter Smiles, Sher

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kansas!

   Today our great state of Kansas turns 150 years old.    I think the way I feel was best summed up by our thirteen year old daughter.  When talking about Kansas she said,  “Mom, she looks pretty good for  someone who is this old.   If we take good care of her she’ll continue this way.”   Amen Jeni!

     The month of January is about over.    It’s been a sad month for our family.    We have said good-bye to two wonderful, older women in our lives.   First to leave us was our DIL Codi’s great grandma.   Grandma Jackie was one of those special women that to meet her was to love her.    Not only did we love her for who she was but because she welcomed our son into their family with open arms and treated him like one of their own.     There’s no greater compliment to a parent than to see their children loved by others.   She’ll be missed but never forgotten.

     A week later we said good-bye to a dear neighbor lady of my youth.    As I attended the funeral yesterday I was reminded of what a talented woman Ruth was.   Always willing to teach what she knew to others, a wonderful neighbor and a loving wife and mother.   The bells of heaven are ringing and two special women have been reunited with their husbands who have gone on before them.

     Today will be a day to go on with living.    I will be finishing up my winter rug and hopefully by evening it will be lying in front of our fireplace.  Then it’s on to another project.   There are several ideas dancing in my head and by evening one will be started.

    So, I will leave you once again reminding you how precious life is.   Enjoy each & every minute.   Tell those you love how how much they mean to you and hold them close.   Hugs, Sher

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~~A “Snow Day”~~


     Yesterday the heavens opened up and the snow drifted down.    All day long it fell & by the time night arrived the ground was white.     Along with the snow there was talk of the wind picking up & and a cold front moving in.   With talk of a ‘white-out’ arriving by morning the children held their breath that school would be canceled.    Yes!!!  This morning along with the cold we had our first official snow day of the season.

     Now I ask you, when you wake up to this~~~

a snow 2 small

And this~~a snow 1 small

How can you not be happy?????

       My first order of the day was “We need more bread”.    Out came the recipe books and within a couple of hours I was pulling this..bread Italian small out of the oven.

     Of course you can’t have bread without having a homemade soup to serve with it.   Next order of the day, this…wild rice soup small Wild rice soup with chicken & mushrooms.

       My family has now been fed so it’s time for me to have some fun.   The next few hours will find me working on my newest rug….

a snowman grey small

I hope you too are enjoying a snow day and having some fun!   Hugs, Sher


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A New Year~~~2011


   At last Christmas is over & all the decorations are put away for another year.    Oh how I looked forward to that day.    My winter rug was stretched on my frame .  Floss, linen and patterns were calling me to sit and stitch, piled beside my favorite wing backed chair.    And then it happened…..My legs that had been giving me fits all through the holiday season suddenly gave out.     Just like in May I was back to being flat on my back.  Not the same time of pain as before but horrid never the less.

      So, for the past week I have been laying in bed complaining to anyone that came within ear shot.   Okay, I admit it….I’m not someone who can lay around and if I have to, I make everyone around me miserable.  (If you think I’m kidding, just ask Keith.  He’s taken more tongue lashings than any man should have to take in one life-time!)

     Laying flat on your back in bed you can only do a few things…Read, watch TV, play on the lap top and look at every little thing in that bedroom that’s needing done over.   I swear it’s enough to drive a person nuts.    Finally I decided the time had came to try something besides bed rest….I started taking the muscle relaxers the doctor had given me back in May.    Within an hour of taking one I knew why there so many left in the bottle….Not only did I feel loopy but all I could do was sleep.  

    However, they seem to have worked.    My legs are still bothering me (At this point I’m starting to think it’s old age!) but not to the point I want to commit murder.   I can finally sit for more than two minutes at a time and walk across the floor without screaming in pain.

      I have decided I have to take it easy for awhile & give them time to heal (It’s a good excuse for not cleaning house. ) but I should be able to work on a few crafts.   The first thing I’m going to do is finish up my winter rug.   I’m waiting on an order of wool to arrive {It was my Christmas present from Keith & wouldn’t you know it was lost in the mail! GRRRR } and then it’s back to hooking for this old gal.    So, hopefully next posting I’ll have a photo or two to share.

    I hope all your holidays have been safe & fun and that your starting the New Year out in good health.   Stay warm, Spring will be here before we know it!   Hugs, Sher

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