Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~~A “Snow Day”~~


     Yesterday the heavens opened up and the snow drifted down.    All day long it fell & by the time night arrived the ground was white.     Along with the snow there was talk of the wind picking up & and a cold front moving in.   With talk of a ‘white-out’ arriving by morning the children held their breath that school would be canceled.    Yes!!!  This morning along with the cold we had our first official snow day of the season.

     Now I ask you, when you wake up to this~~~

a snow 2 small

And this~~a snow 1 small

How can you not be happy?????

       My first order of the day was “We need more bread”.    Out came the recipe books and within a couple of hours I was pulling this..bread Italian small out of the oven.

     Of course you can’t have bread without having a homemade soup to serve with it.   Next order of the day, this…wild rice soup small Wild rice soup with chicken & mushrooms.

       My family has now been fed so it’s time for me to have some fun.   The next few hours will find me working on my newest rug….

a snowman grey small

I hope you too are enjoying a snow day and having some fun!   Hugs, Sher



primitivebettys said...

It sounds like you are feeling better & getting lots done. GOOD! :) With the cold we are expecting tonight, I'm wondering if we will have school tomorrow. Trinity has been out both Monday and Tuesday. The snow isn't melting at all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sher! You sure have had a busy "snow day", bread and soup look so yummy! Can't wait to see more of your rug hooking in progress, love that snowman!!!

Keep warm and enjoy the snow!
Hugs, Sher (NY)

Beverly said...

Hey Sher. I have been chatting with Sam on facebook, and have ask Jenna to be My friend, I told Her to ask You about Me. Kids here have been out for a week of School because of Snow. We had over a foot Can You believe that still have several inches on the ground now. Get tons done, Bev.

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