Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday on the Farm

Good Morning!
      The last day of March and what a gloomy day!  Actually, the whole week has been gloomy.   We've had everything from rain, to sleet to snow.   Notice I didn't mention sunshine?   That's because we've only seen the sun for about ten minutes this whole week.   Tomorrow that is suppose to change and I pray for once the weathermen are right...I do not handle dark, dreary days so you can about imagine what my mood has been like.   I'm definitely not someone you would want to be around right now.

     Because I'm getting older and the ole eye sight is going, dark days make it hard for me to work on any sort of craft...I need direct sunlight to see!   I have managed to pull a few loops on a rug for my friend Carolyn..........

But those loops have been far and few between.  Hopefully tomorrow when the sun is shinning all of that will change and I'll be back to hooking away.
        One thing the darkness has been good for is cooking.   I've tried several new recipes these past few days and most of them have been keepers.  Because we were having such cold weather I refuse to go to town {I refuse to get out when it's cold unless I just have to!} and since I was down to a fourth of a gallon of milk, I had to get very creative on the meals I fixed.   At first it was a challenge but by the end of day four I was starting to see we really could get by without milk.  Try it sometime, you'll find your family eating a whole new way.  
     And there is definitely an up-side about the days being dark~~It's the perfect time to drag out a good book  to curl up with.   I've been doing my fair share of that too.   I'm halfway through my second book this week.   Hmmm, maybe these days aren't so bad after all.
       Well, my day is quickly passing by so I'd best bring this to a close and get something constructive done.   Wishing you warm, sunny days!   Sher

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gorgeous days of March

Good Morning!

     Once again Spring has came to Kansas.   The grass is getting green, the trees are budding out and the weather has turned off gorgeous.   Okay, I’ll admit it….I’m a Winter Girl!   I love it when the snow is softly falling and the air has a nip to it.   But I have to be honest and admit there is something about Spring that is wonderful too.   When the air is cool and the sun is shining one can’t help but feel God it standing right beside you.   What a wonderful feeling!

      This year my family decided to do a little something different to celebrate Spring’s arrival.   We decided to have  St. Patrick’s Day party.   Not one of our usual gatherings but a real St. Patrick’s day celebration.     Out came the green decorations, the table held a real shamrock center piece (Oxalis), Irish music played in the background, everyone dressed in green and we had all Irish food.   I was really feeling snug about everything I had fixed and then my sister Sindy had to show me up….She did tons of research and came up with traditional Irish food.  The potato dish with bacon & cabbage had everyone asking for the recipe!

     Now if her food wasn’t enough, she decided we should all have real Irish Coffee.   And just not any Irish whiskey could be used, it had to be this real expensive stuff.  (Sorry I can’t remember the name of it.)  Imagine a bunch of ole Kansas gals fixing real Irish Coffee, it was a sight to behold.   You never saw so much laughing in your life.   Or heard so many directions being given…“Now lightly whip that cream just until it’s slightly whipped!” “Pour that cream slowly over the back of the spoon so it doesn’t sink to the bottom”.   It was hysterical but we had so much fun!

     So much fun that we decided we were going to have a special gathering with a different theme each time the kids come home.   Our next one is going to be in May and the theme for it is Mexican.  This ole gal won’t be outdone in the food department for it….I’m on a search for real Mexican food that will out-do everyone else's!    Yes, we definitely need to get a life!

      With our gathering over, it’s time to get back into my real world…One of cooking, cleaning and working on some new things to decorate my home.    I’m happy to report my newest rug is just about complete.   Want a to take a peek at it?…..

a crow small

Yep, once again I got wild on the colors.    I’m not sure what’s going on with me but for some reason my last two rugs have been bright & bold.   Definitely not my usual style.    Maybe I’m changing. Hmmm….

      With this rug almost complete it’s time to get another one ready for the frame.   Before that happens though, I think I’ll work on a few Needle Punch designs.   Who knows, maybe I’ll decide I like one of the enough to make it into a rug.

       Well girls, our little ones are on Spring Break so it’s the perfect time for this ole Mom to work on some fun things for the house.    I hope your all enjoying gorgeous weather and getting tons done.   Until later.   Stay Safe, Sher

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Rainy Tuesday

Good Morning!

     It’s a rainy day here on the farm.    While I’m not crazy about  that, I am thankful it’s not snow….And just across the state, it is!    I know we are going into our Spring season and I don’t look forward to it at all.   In fact, I’m really dreading it.    I’ll take snow any day to the threat of tornado’s.  Not to mention I’m not ready for all the yard work that comes with spring and summer.   Okay, guess it’s safe to say I’m just a winter gal.

       It seems forever since I’ve posted.   That’s because I’ve had major computer problems and when I finally got them fixed I found that my blog had disappeared.  At least the dashboard for it had disappeared.   It took me forever, but I think I’ve finally figured out what the problem was.   Why couldn’t I have been born with a better brain so I could be computer savvy???? SIGH

    Even with the computer problems, I’ve managed to have some ‘fun times’.   The main one being going to the Lenexa Hook-In.   Like always, we had to drive in a little bad weather (Heavy fog and a little ice) to get there but it was so worth it.    Lots of wonderful vendors and rugs.   But the highlight of the day was not only ridding up with my friends Betty & Robin but meeting new friends once we got there….Sandra, Ginger, PatiJane and Chelle. 

     Not only did I come home with bags full from a buy spree {Wool, patterns, books, dyes, ect..)but also with wonderful gifts from some of the girls there.   Honestly, they spoiled me rotten and once again I’m amazed at how giving hookers are.    Such a wonderful bunch of  loving, giving women.

     For months Betty has been trying to talk me into trying Oxford Punching.    The last thing I need is another hobby but once I saw the piece Ginger was working on at Lenexa, I was sold.    So, it off to a vendor to buy her last needle.   I haven’t had the chance to try it out but hopefully that will be next week.   Ginger made it look so simple but I know me….I’m sure I’ll struggle to push so much as a loop.    Maybe we can talk the Oklahoma girls into coming back to Ks. for another lesson???   Sounds good to me!

      Of course I came home inspired from all the wonderful rugs on display.    I quickly finished up my “Circus Rug” (Aptly named for it’s bright colors!) and I’ve now started another.    At least Keith can’t say I’m  wasting money on wool…It’s all being used!

      So, on that note I’m going to sign this off and get back to hooking.   Everyone try to stay dry, warm and well.   Until later.   Hugs, Sher


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