Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gorgeous days of March

Good Morning!

     Once again Spring has came to Kansas.   The grass is getting green, the trees are budding out and the weather has turned off gorgeous.   Okay, I’ll admit it….I’m a Winter Girl!   I love it when the snow is softly falling and the air has a nip to it.   But I have to be honest and admit there is something about Spring that is wonderful too.   When the air is cool and the sun is shining one can’t help but feel God it standing right beside you.   What a wonderful feeling!

      This year my family decided to do a little something different to celebrate Spring’s arrival.   We decided to have  St. Patrick’s Day party.   Not one of our usual gatherings but a real St. Patrick’s day celebration.     Out came the green decorations, the table held a real shamrock center piece (Oxalis), Irish music played in the background, everyone dressed in green and we had all Irish food.   I was really feeling snug about everything I had fixed and then my sister Sindy had to show me up….She did tons of research and came up with traditional Irish food.  The potato dish with bacon & cabbage had everyone asking for the recipe!

     Now if her food wasn’t enough, she decided we should all have real Irish Coffee.   And just not any Irish whiskey could be used, it had to be this real expensive stuff.  (Sorry I can’t remember the name of it.)  Imagine a bunch of ole Kansas gals fixing real Irish Coffee, it was a sight to behold.   You never saw so much laughing in your life.   Or heard so many directions being given…“Now lightly whip that cream just until it’s slightly whipped!” “Pour that cream slowly over the back of the spoon so it doesn’t sink to the bottom”.   It was hysterical but we had so much fun!

     So much fun that we decided we were going to have a special gathering with a different theme each time the kids come home.   Our next one is going to be in May and the theme for it is Mexican.  This ole gal won’t be outdone in the food department for it….I’m on a search for real Mexican food that will out-do everyone else's!    Yes, we definitely need to get a life!

      With our gathering over, it’s time to get back into my real world…One of cooking, cleaning and working on some new things to decorate my home.    I’m happy to report my newest rug is just about complete.   Want a to take a peek at it?…..

a crow small

Yep, once again I got wild on the colors.    I’m not sure what’s going on with me but for some reason my last two rugs have been bright & bold.   Definitely not my usual style.    Maybe I’m changing. Hmmm….

      With this rug almost complete it’s time to get another one ready for the frame.   Before that happens though, I think I’ll work on a few Needle Punch designs.   Who knows, maybe I’ll decide I like one of the enough to make it into a rug.

       Well girls, our little ones are on Spring Break so it’s the perfect time for this ole Mom to work on some fun things for the house.    I hope your all enjoying gorgeous weather and getting tons done.   Until later.   Stay Safe, Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Oh not nice!!! How come we only get a PEEK???? I want to see the whole rug!! :) I'm sure it looks great. Your rugs always do!!

It sounds like your party was a lot of fun.

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