Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Getting Cold Out There!

Good Morning!
     December has slowly made her way into Kansas and with her coming she's managed to bring some cold air.  To cold I might add!  This past weekend we not only had frigid temperatures but the wind was out of sight.   No matter how high I turned that ole furnace up, I just couldn't get this house warm.   Of course having the fireplace open all night (Because someone keep the fire going late into the night & by the time everyone went to bed the coals were to hot to close it off.  Now who would have been that stupid?   Oh yes, ME!) let that cold air stream down the chimney.  No wonder it was so darn cold.  Today it's suppose to get above freezing and since we've had no snow I really shouldn't complain.
      I've been absent from this old blog for over a month now.   I have a good reason....Jeni has finally been able to be fitted for braces.    In doing so, she's had to have all four wisdom teeth removed.    It seems as if anything that could go wrong has so Keith & I have spent our days driving back and forth to Ottawa to the Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon.   We'll be making another trip tomorrow & then hopefully things will start to fall into place and we can stay home!
      Even with all these unplanned for trips I have managed to get the tree up, the house decorated for the holidays and 90% of our Christmas shopping done.   And even more surprising is, all of our gifts are wrapped & under the tree.   To those who know me (I HATE wrapping presents & put it off until the last minute!) I know this will come as a surprise.
     Being gone from home so much has really put a dent in my crafts.   I did manage to finish up one little cross stitch piece & I have to tell the story of how it came to be........
     Living on a farm we are always encountering dead critters.  Be it mice or opossums it seems as if there is always something smelling up the place.    About a month ago we both noticed a smell out by our wood pile.   Keith moved some wood around but we never could discover what or where the smell was coming from.   About a week went by and since the weather was staying pretty warm the smell was really getting bad.   So bad I started walking the long way around the house when hanging laundry out to avoid the smell.   One day as I was fixing supper, Keith came in and told me to follow him he had something I had to see.    Across from the wood pile in our hay field lay this BIG dead deer!!!   That's where our smell had been coming from.    Now I ask you, how I had we walked by that area a million & one times and never seen him????   Talk about feeling stupid!   We have no idea what happened to him.   Maybe he was hit on the highway and made it into our yard to die or maybe he was hit by a deer hunter.   Either way, that magnificent critter was dead.
    It was several days later as I picked up a piece of old linen and began to stitch I realized how much the death of that deer had effected me.   For on that linen, a Christmas deer suddenly came to life.   I'll never look at this little pinkeep without thinking of that poor deer who not only died on our property but who we ignored for weeks.

        With our weather turning colder it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have a Christmas rug.   So, out came the linen and within a few hours I had drawn out an image to hook.    Of course I can't leave anything alone and within pulling a couple of dozen loops I had it off the frame & was adding more to it.   Hopefully I'll be able to share a photo after the holidays...Not a chance it will be done any sooner with all the running we've been doing!
      Well girls, I've pretty well caught you up on all our news.  Now it's time to head for the kitchen and get everything out for Keith to make his 'famous fudge' and then I'll have the privilege of cleaning up his 'famous mess'. HA    Have a great week & stay warm.  Hugs, Sher

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