Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday on the Farm

Good Morning!
      The last day of March and what a gloomy day!  Actually, the whole week has been gloomy.   We've had everything from rain, to sleet to snow.   Notice I didn't mention sunshine?   That's because we've only seen the sun for about ten minutes this whole week.   Tomorrow that is suppose to change and I pray for once the weathermen are right...I do not handle dark, dreary days so you can about imagine what my mood has been like.   I'm definitely not someone you would want to be around right now.

     Because I'm getting older and the ole eye sight is going, dark days make it hard for me to work on any sort of craft...I need direct sunlight to see!   I have managed to pull a few loops on a rug for my friend Carolyn..........

But those loops have been far and few between.  Hopefully tomorrow when the sun is shinning all of that will change and I'll be back to hooking away.
        One thing the darkness has been good for is cooking.   I've tried several new recipes these past few days and most of them have been keepers.  Because we were having such cold weather I refuse to go to town {I refuse to get out when it's cold unless I just have to!} and since I was down to a fourth of a gallon of milk, I had to get very creative on the meals I fixed.   At first it was a challenge but by the end of day four I was starting to see we really could get by without milk.  Try it sometime, you'll find your family eating a whole new way.  
     And there is definitely an up-side about the days being dark~~It's the perfect time to drag out a good book  to curl up with.   I've been doing my fair share of that too.   I'm halfway through my second book this week.   Hmmm, maybe these days aren't so bad after all.
       Well, my day is quickly passing by so I'd best bring this to a close and get something constructive done.   Wishing you warm, sunny days!   Sher


primitivebettys said...

Oh I hope too that the weather gets nice n' warm this weekend! This cold rain today is the pits!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, a gloomy rainy day now and again is fine but a full week of them is a bit to much!

The March winds have blown strong and cold here in the Northeast but now that we're finally into the month of April just maybe things will warm up some, hopefully!

Hm-mm, just a peek of the rug you're working on for your friend Carolyn, fair, we want to see it all! Ha! She's sure to love it as all your rugs are awesome!

Well, best move along here, wishing you bright sunny days ahead!

Hugs, Sher (NY)

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