Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~~What A Day!!~~

     I know I promised to share pictures of the cabin the next time I posted but have you ever had one of those days that you just had to put down in writing so you wouldn’t forget it? Or maybe I want it in writing to make sure I never do anything so dumb again!  Trust me, yesterday was one of those days for me.

    It all started out so innocent.   A perfectly normal day….Fighting with the little ones to get up and get around for school.   Making sure everyone had breakfast and all school books were in one spot.   Then things started to change.   Not just change, I mean it was like a ball rolling downhill. 

    First, I went to the basement to get  meat out of the deepfreeze for supper and to bring up a gallon of milk from our second refrigerator.    Since I’m old & hate to make those stairs, I decided to bring up some other things I was needing at the same time.   That was my first mistake of the day.   With hands full, I reached for a can from our storage unit and dropped the milk.   That plastic bottle shattered like a glass on concrete and in slow motion I watched one gallon of milk flow over that basement floor.  I was in such shock I just watched it running like a river over rocks.   By the time I came to my senses I had milk everywhere!!!!

      I flew up those stairs (Yes by this time who cared about a few stairs!) to grab the mop and a bucket.   Before that could happen, Keith yelled that the garbage cans (Which sit down at the end or our drive on a very busy highway) were gone….The wind had blown them onto the highway!  I just stood there no knowing which way to go.    Did I clean up milk that was making it’s way to our furnace  or run after garbage cans that could cause a wreck?   Thankfully Keith had gotten dressed and said he’s go after the cans.   It was back to the basement for me.

     This weekend is our monthly family get-together and being the smart stupid person I am, I decided this would be a good time to do a little fall cleaning.   Now in case there are any other smart stupid people like me, let me issue a warning here….DO NOT clean a super tiny bathroom with more than one chemical cleaner at a time.  I almost gassed myself to death.    Yes, I have a clean shower floor but no lungs!

     Thanks to my morning ‘milk spill’ I had no milk for our supper.    So, I got really creative and planned a meal around the lack of it.   Since Drew wouldn’t be having the mashed potatoes I had told him he was having, I decided to try a new recipe for a chocolate popcorn for our dessert.    Now this is where my day really took a nose-dive.

     The recipe called for Kettle Corn and staying in tune with the rest of my day, I burnt the first batch.   While the second one was popping, I turned on the oven and started making the sauce.    Suddenly the house was filled with aroma of sweet, gooey goodness.    Being the smart stupid person that I am, I’m thinking this has to be the most wonderful sauce ever to smell so good.   The only thing I couldn’t figure out was why it didn’t smell like chocolate since there was so much chocolate in it.   It was then I opened my oven door.   Inside, puffed up and dripping down from the rack to the oven bottom was a large bag of what had once had been marshmallows!  Yes, one of my darling family members (Okay, maybe it was me!) had stuck a bag of marshmallows in the oven to get it off the counter.    If you haven’t seen what marshmallows and the plastic bag they come in look like melted, just take my word for it….It’s not a pretty sight!!!!

   Of course I screamed and that started a whole new set of problems. ~~~~ Drew’s cat Stormy decided she’d better check out the commotion so she comes running in.     By this time I had pulled out the whole rack (Dripping, hot, gooey marshmallows with every move.) and then stood there no knowing which way to turn.  

      I finally decided the trash can would be my best bet.   If I haven’t lost you by now, keep reading…….. Imagine one fat woman, holding a hot baking rack, dripping hot, sticky marshmallows over a trash can and a large gray cat reaching to pull those very same marshmallows off.  (And we all wondered where the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” came from!!!)   Of course I’m still screaming only this time I’m trying to kick the cat away from the hot marshmallows.  I didn’t make it.    She dipped both front paws in and then calmly laid down and started licking her prize from her feet.   Yes, she’s enjoying herself and I’m going nuts.

      If you’ve never cleaned hard (Yes, they harden once melted) marshmallows and hard plastic from your oven racks you might want to take my advice and not try it.  It’s not a fun adventure.

     By the time night came I was more than ready to climb into bed and be thankful the whole day was over.   I’m sure each time I turn on the oven these next few weeks I’ll be greeted by the smell of warm marshmallows.   Heck, maybe the day wasn’t so bad after all.    Hugs, Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Oh my gosh!!! SHER!!!! How on earth can so many bad things happen to one great gal in just one day?!?!?! I hope everything has gotten better & back to normal by now.

I miss ya! Hope to see ya soon!


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