Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~~ Finally…Fall ~~

     For several weeks now the signs of Fall have been coming to Old Crow Farm.    Gone are the super long, hot days of Summer.   In their place are cooler, shorter days.   Days when you can walk out the door and actually not have your breath taken away.   No longer is the grass bright green.   It’s been replaced with dry, brown earth.   The trees are doing their magic, turning once green leaves to shades of gold, brown, red, yellow and orange.   Fall, you’ve got to love it.

      Long before we actually saw or felt these changes, I was starting to make some changes of my own.    It seemed as if every rug I hooked had a pumpkin or two in it.    I made Keith dig out my “Fall Tote” (He had to do the digging because he had moved it from it where I normally keep it!) and that’s when the real fun started.   

   Each year I add a little something new to my Fall collection so I have tons of things to work with.   Some of the old favorites are left in the bottom of the tote to be replaced with new, others are set out first.   Within hours my “Americana themed” house is transformed with touches of orange.

     Since we’ll be hosting the Halloween party for my side of the family in a few weeks, I’ve gone all out in decorating the outside of our place too.   I started with our tiny little front porch.    I made Keith haul an old primitive table (Which is much to big for that tiny space.) out of his shed and together we some how got it fitted in.     When everyone is here I’ll lay a Fall themed rug on it but for now this is how it looks…..

10-7-11 small

[The rug will be between the large pumpkin in the wire basket and the small pumpkin in the old metal bucket.]   I haven’t taken a picture of it yet but to the left of the big pumpkin, there’s a an old wooden piece Keith made sixteen years ago hanging.   From it I’ve hung an old ratty broom and a skeleton.      See, I told you I was taking this Fall decorating seriously! HA

      Not to leave any stone unturned, I next moved on to our little bus stop house.  (Which looks more like an outhouse! HA)   I normally decorate with mums out there but this year I decided not to waste my money.   Instead I went with small pumpkins and some hay.   I love the look….Simple & cheap!   In my next post I’ll tell you how I’ve decorated our little cabin for the season.

     The change in our season has also brought some changes to me.   Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s because I’ve suddenly realized I’m never going to accomplish everything I want to do in my life.    Whatever, I’ve decided to start using my time more wisely.   No longer do I spend hours online reading what everyone has been up to.  No longer do I rush to ‘do it all’.   I now have set aside time to do all that’s important to me.   Oh, I’ll never give up my favorite blogs…But they are now checked within the first few hours of my day.   But once that’s been done, I quickly move on to the things that really matter….My family, my home and my many hobbies.   Not only has it made me a much happier person but it’s made my family feel the same way.   The house is clean, there’s wonderful meals on the table, yummy desserts waiting to be ate and I’m smiling because I’ve actually done something FUN that day.    Does it get any better than that????

      So join me on this new journey and let’s see how much I can get accomplished before the snow starts to fall.    Hugs, Sher 



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primitivebettys said...

Love the pumpkins! :-) Please be sure to share with us some of those rug pics!! Have fun with your party too my friend!

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