Thursday, August 18, 2011

~~Getting Ready For Fall~~

    Well, this is the day we have been waiting for....The little ones go back to school. It's such a mixed feeling day. I'm definitely not ready for them to be gone all day long but these past few weeks they've became restless so I know they are ready to be back among their friends. Do you remember what that feeling was like? You couldn't wait to see what your friends had been doing all summer and to catch up on the latest gossip. Two days later and you were ready for the weekend so you could be away from everyone! HA

   Of course having the kids gone all day long has it's advantages....I get to have Keith all to myself. Normally when the kids start back to school we have a 'date'. We go out for a special lunch and then hit all the flea markets. This year things will be different. Drew had a dental appointment yesterday in Lawrence and since we were so close to Topeka, we decided to swing by and do our monthly Sam's Club run. Since Keith's surgeries every little thing wears him out so there is no way we can run two days in a row. So, instead of an outing, we'll be heading to town for a light lunch and a visit to the library. Exciting times! HA Actually, they sound pretty good to me. That means I'll have the majority of the day to work on fun things around the house.

     The weather in Kansas has finally started to cool off. Okay, truthfully they say the heat will be returning over the next couple of days but this past week has been wonderful. For the first time in months there is the hope that Fall is right around the corner. I'm so excited!!!! Not only is it my favorite time of year weather wise but it's also my favorite time of year to decorate. It seems I'm not alone in my feelings either...The blogs & magazine are all full of the colors of Fall. Naturally I've been pouring over all of them and making list of the things I want to make for my house.

     And speaking of fall........The kids will start their first full week of school Monday and that's when I'll start giving this ole house the evil eye and be deciding how it's going to be decorated. I can't wait for the earthy colors to come out. They can't help but make me feel cooler and the days more crisp. (Okay, that's what I'm telling myself.) I have so many plans and naturally most of them include the color orange, rust, brown, deep reds and gold. Time will tell if they all make it into the house.

     And it's just not the inside of the house we'll be decorating but the outside too. Tiny though our front porch is, I have some ideas of bring it into the season. From there I'm moving on to the cabin and giving it a make-over. I guess you can tell I really am excited to get everything started. HA

     On my list of things to make & do are rugs, rugs and more rugs! HA I just finished a wonderful rug pattern {"Five Pumpkins"} by Judy Cripps of Rustic Rugs. I did my border a little different than she did hers (Okay, let's be honest here...I couldn't get the border to hook up as neatly as she did...My fault, not the patterns.) but I still love it. In fact, everyone who comes in my house goes on & on about it. So, if your a rug hooker, give Judy a call and order that pattern. It's definitely a winner. I'm now working on another pumpkin rug and hope to have it ready to show early next week.

    Well I could ramble on for hours but it's time to run to town and then the fun begins....I'm gonna spend my afternoon hooking. I hope your all enjoying cooler temperatures and thinking thoughts of Fall. Until later......Blessings from Old Crow Farm & Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Hello Sweet Friend Sher! I have missed you something awful!! It is wonderful to see a post by you & even more wonderful to see your awesome rug. Great job! Enjoy your quiet days decorating & spending time with dear Keith. :)

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