Monday, December 12, 2011

~~Feeling The Season~~


     It’s a dark, dreary morning here on the farm.   There’s rain in the forecast for the next two days.   After a very dry summer we welcome the rain but it would be nice if we could see a little snow.   After all, we are entering the Christmas Season!

     And speaking of the season~~~I’m happy to announce the house is all decked out in red & greens.   Since we now have three kitties (What was I thinking?) in the house I really didn’t want to put the main tree up until the last possible minute.    However, Keith saw things differently. (Like he’s going to be in here to pull the kitties off it!) so up it went.   Actually they’ve done pretty good where it’s concerned.   They like to sit in the old buggy seat and bat the balls around but for the most part really haven’t bothered it.

     Now I don’t want you to think they are little angles either!    Earlier this month I NP four little sheep off my dear friend Betty’s (From Primitivebetty’s)  “Symple~Herb Filled Sheep” pattern.    Girls if you don’t have that pattern, run right out and buy it.   I swear they are darling and if someone with my sewing skills can put them together, you know the pattern is easy!   I made these for my dear friend Carolyn, trying to duplicate two of her sheep.   I knew wouldn’t see Carolyn before Christmas so decided to stick them in a bowl with some greenery and display them in my house.12-1-11 small Starting off, they were on my Hoosier cabinet.  That lasted all of one hour.   Our cat “Baby” must have thought they looked like mice (Hmmm, maybe my sewing skills aren’t as great as I think they are?) and the next thing I know, she’s walking around with one in her mouth!   Screaming “Bad Kitty” and chasing her for five minutes I finally  manage to get it away from her.   By this time I knew they were going to have to be displayed somewhere else.   Deciding high up on my kitchen table would be a safe place, I went happily to bed.    The next morning I awoke to greenery scattered like leaves in the wind and a bowl missing two sheep!   It was hours before I finally found them….One tucked under a throw rug and another under the loveseat.

     Now during the day they are still displayed on the table but each night, bowl & all they are carried to the master bedroom to sleep safely through the night.   Sorry Baby, no more having fun with my sheep while I sleep.

     Since we have so many young’uns they will all be coming home at different times this year for Christmas.   This means ole Mom gets to do tons of baking all month long.   Luckily they each have their ‘favorites’ so I’m not cooking the same old things over & over.   The storage containers are quickly filling up (And un-filling as my crew snacks on them.) and I’m having fun trying out lots of new recipes.   Is it any wonder we are all getting so fat????

     Well girls, the day is quickly passing & I’m not getting anything done.   It’s time to get in gear and who knows, maybe they’ll even be time to pull a few loops on the new rug in there on my frame.    Have a great day and stay warm.   Hugs, Sher


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primitivebettys said...

Your sheep are darling & it sounds like the mottoes agree! Have fun getting ready for Christmas :-)

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