Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming Full Circle

    Life at our house has came full circle.    When your young your parents take care of you.   As your parents grow older, you take care of them.     We never think it will happen but suddenly, without warning that day arrives.   The middle of December my Mom had a full knee replacement.    At the tender age of 84 we knew recovery would be slow, no one knew there would be other problems to contend with.

      For two months my sister Sindy & I have taken care of her every need.   I have to be honest, Sindy has had the majority of the work since Mom’ has been staying at her house.  My ‘job’ has been to go in daily with meals and run her to various appointments while Sindy works one of her two jobs.

      While it was hard to be away from my own home so much, I have to be honest and admit the memories I made with Mom were priceless.    We talked about everything from their feelings when we adopted our son,Michael from South Korea, to what she wanted each one of us girls to have when she’s gone.    These were things that needed to be said now before it’s to late.

      A week ago she felt as if she was strong enough to go home so Keith & I loaded her up and took her back to the farm.    Walking into the house I could tell by expression on her face she was overjoyed to be home.   You could tell she wanted to us to hurry up and leave.   I’m sure she was wanting to ‘talk to daddy’ and tell him what’s been going on.  I know just being home has made her feel as if he’s with her once more.

     She’s been doing pretty good until Friday.   Once again her knee is swollen, as well as her foot.   Keith & I took her to the doctor and she’s on some new medication.    My youngest sister & her husband has been home from Louisiana for Glen’s mothers funeral so they’ve been keeping an eye on her.   They flew back today so tomorrow I’ll call and see how she’s doing.   Hopefully between the medication and bed rest the knee has returned to normal.

     Now that I’m home full time, I’m back to working on a zillion & one different things.  This afternoon I pulled the last loop on my latest rug and tomorrow I’ll start whipping the edges.   I’m excited to get it done so I can start another one.

      Well, it’s getting late and I still haven’t told you our families exciting news.   Guess that will have to wait until my next post.   For now I’m going to head to bed so I can get up super early and start on my rug.   I hope your all staying warm and enjoying these last few days of winter.   Hugs, Sher

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