Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~~Exciting News~~

Good Morning~

      It’s going to be another gorgeous day here on the farm.   Warm weather & blue skies.   Now I ask you, does it get any better than that for the month of February?   Actually, the whole winter has been like this.   We’ve only had one real snowfall and even that didn’t last.   Really makes you wonder what our Spring is going to be like.   Pray it’s not going to filled with tornado’s like a lot of the older people are predicting.   That we don’t need!!!!

      As as I mentioned in my last post, we’ve had some exciting news in our family and it just keeps coming……It started in Oct. when our son & his wife Renee announced they were expecting again.   Reese’s little brother (Yes, it’s a boy!!!) is due in June.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes us.

     Two weeks ago we (Keith, Mom, my sister Sindy and myself) were in our local clinic waiting for Mother to see the doctor for a check-up on her knee.  As we were sitting there I could hear my phone ringing but since it was at the bottom of my purse (Yes, we are old and could care less about cell phones.   Only carry one for emergencies.) I couldn’t get to it.   When I finally dug it out I saw that I had missed call from our daughter Kara.   Because she works, Kara never calls during the day so my first thought was something was wrong.   I immediately called her back.   When she answered the phone and I heard her voice I knew I was right.     The first words out of my mouth were, “What’s wrong?”   She said, “Mom, how would you like to be a grandma again?”   Okay, Kara & Paul are big dog lovers so my first thought was they were getting another one.   And that’s just what I said.    She said, “No, I just found out I’m pregnant!”.    Now for a little background here….Kara has never wanted a family.   She loves her job and their dogs have always been her babies.    To say I was in shock is the understatement of the year.   However, the real shock was still to come.   

      Of course I’m yelling out to everyone that Kara’s going to have a baby & everyone is saying how wonderful it was.   I then asked her when she was due.    She said, “March”.   Now I might be old but I still thought it took nine months for a baby to get here.   How could she be due in March.   That was only a few weeks away.   Did she mean next March?    I was really confused.   She then told us she had just came from the doctors office and the doctor told her she was not only pregnant but due in eight weeks and it was a little boy!!!

      How could someone be seven months pregnant and not know it???  Yes, it’s true Kara has really packed on the pounds since her and Paul married a little over two years ago but she’s always called them her “happy pounds”.   But wouldn’t she have felt a baby moving???   Apparently not when you have the stomach problems she experiences.

    To say this family is overjoyed is the understatement of the year.   We are beyond thrilled.   After all these years to think she’s going to have a baby.    And now that the shock of it has wore off, she’s thrilled too.  (Paul has always wanted a baby and now he’s going to have a son!)

     Now we are going wild trying to get things ready for a little boy who will be arriving in less than five weeks.   We are having a shower for her this weekend and the nursery is well underway….It’s being done in a monkey theme.

      In all the excitement of this, our son Seth & his wife Codi brought my late birthday present to me.   Unwrapping it we found a gorgeous frame announcing once again we were going to be grandparents…Their little one is due in Sept.!

      How could anyone be more Blessed than we’ve been?   Three grandbabies in one year!!!!   Every time Keith & I think about it we laugh.  Can you imagine how full this little house is going to be with three babies crawling around on the floor?  And if Seth & Codi have a little boy it’s going to be three little boys crawling around!

    I’m sure the year 2012 will bring it’s share of heartaches and tears, for no year goes by without them.   But for now we will dwell on the good and look forward to the new children joining our family.    Blessed We Are, Sher



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cntryknoll said...

Hi Sher, Congratulations times three,dear friend! So happy for your family on the news of three precious grandbabies coming your way! Won't be long before your hearts and home will be filled with little ones to love on and cherish, so very blessed indeed!

Sher (NY)

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