Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Rug 2010

Happy Halloween!!!
    Yes, it's that time of year.   My favorite time.   Not only is the weather crisp & cold but in a few hours little ones will dressing up as their very favorite character and walking house to house saying "Trick or Treat".   Alas, this will be the first year the last of eight in our house won't be going.   I know there has to come a time for the fun to end {After all, our little ones are as tall as most adults!} but I'm sure not ready for it.   I guess I'm just a kid at heart and I've had fun living life over through my kids.   Instead we'll be fixing a spooky supper and watching a bunch of new movies.

     Last posting I promised to share some of the rugs I have been working on.  In thinking it over I've decided each month I will share something (A rug, a Needle Punch project or a cross stitch design) rather than sharing them all at one time.  Since it's a cold Halloween day what better one to start with than the one that is now in front of our fireplace.....

This little rug is a Notforgotten Farm design.  I wanted the witch to stand out and since I didn't have any light purple wool (And was to lazy to dye some!) I choose to outline her in a light gray.   I know the tree looks as though it has 'spots' but in real life it doesn't.....A reminder that I need to read the instructions that came with my camera!  I'm really pleased with how it turned out & I'm sure it will grace my home (and then hopefully one of my children's homes) for years to come.

      Tomorrow all our Halloween decorations will come down and be stored for another year.   In their place will be other signs of Fall.   Before I know it, they too will be taken down and out will come the Christmas things.   Time/life is definitely passing to quickly.

      Well, I still have a load of laundry needing hung out and then there are Halloween cupcakes to frost.   Guess I'd better get in gear.   I hope your all enjoying a spooky day and have a safe night.  Hugs, Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Happy Halloween to you too... a day late I guess. :) Your rug is a dandy & I think you made the design really POP!
Hope to hear from you soon dear friend!



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