Friday, September 03, 2010

Our Time Together

With another Summer coming to a close, our little ones have started back to school. Normally this is a bittersweet time for Keith & I. While we love our time alone, it's sad to watch the children climb on that big yellow bus and leave us. A reminder that we're growing closer to the time they'll be leaving our home for their own lives. Not a happy thought to these two old parents!

This year it was a little different for us. While we weren't happy to see them go, we knew it was time. It's been one long, hot summer here in Kansas. One where we have all been cooped up in this old house and we were all starting to get on one an others nerves. Time for school to start!

With our young'uns safely in school, it was time for Keith & I to enjoy one another. What better way to do that than hitting every flea market, yard sale and new restaurant around! I love shopping with 'the girls' but I absolutely adore shopping with my Sweetie! I swear girls, Keith & I can walk up to the same yard sale and he'll always manage to see some wonderful treasure that I over-looked. It's like he has a built in radar for finding these things. The past two weeks have been no exception. Each time we've went out we've came home with the van loaded down with everything from a hand-made table to old crocks, vintage linen, baskets, antique furniture, old chairs, crafting supplies and even an old trunk. What great things we've been finding.

Of course finding all these wonderful treasures has only been half the fun. Now we have the excitement of finding a place to put everything. Sadly our little house is already wall to wall with our finds so a lot of this has been stored in my shop. And that brings another problem...Shop over-load! We're praying these next few weeks bring cooler weather so we can head out there and get it back in shape. I have a gal coming for our antique cooking stove so having it gone will definitely free up a lot of space for more things. Oh how I love 'playing' in my shop!!!!

Well girls, there's another yard sale in town this morning so you know where we're heading. As Keith said yesterday on our way home from one out in the country, "Aren't we lucky Sherry that we have something that we both enjoy doing and that we have the time to do it?" I couldn't agree more. Have a safe Labor Day weekend and do something with the one you love. Talk to you soon. Hugs, Sher


primitivebettys said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you found even more good treasures today. I thought of going today too, but decided a long bike ride would be better for my legs & pocketbook. :)

Will chat soon... smiles,


Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

Hey Sweetie! Glad to "find" you again! Enjoyed catching up on what's been going on. Love the new bathroom and it sounds like you & Keith have been having so much fun.


the primitive country bug said...

What a fun thing for you to do together with your sweetie now that the kids are back at school. Do you share pictures of your wonderful finds? I'd love to see them. :)
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.
Blessings ~ Birgit

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