Monday, January 04, 2010

~~Winter 2010~~

The winter of 2010 is one we here on the prairie will not soon forget. It started on Christmas Eve day with ice/sleet. By evening the snow had moved in and what a snow it was. Visibility went down to zero and suddenly we were in a blizzard. All night the wind howled and the very core of the house shook. Morning brought dark skies and snow so deep Keith actually had to break a window out on our back door to get outside.

Since then we have not only had several more snowfalls but we are experiencing bitter cold temperatures. By the middle of the week our highs are suppose to be -7 during the day. Now for Kansas, that's COLD!!!!

Christmas is always a busy time for us (And I'm sure you too!) and this year we had the added excitement of waiting on our precious new granddaughter to be born and our newly married kids to be moving into their first home. So, we kept putting off our monthly shopping trip to Topeka until it was to late....Bad weather was upon us.
Anyone that knows our family knows we can not live without a 'Sam's Run' at least once every six weeks. So, tomorrow Keith & I are going to brave the cold and make a mad dash for Topeka. I hate leaving the farm when the kids are in school but we have no choice....If I don't have pork and chicken to cook with, I'm lost. I know this is going to be a very expensive day for us (You would have a light stroke if you saw our grocery list but I swear I'm out of everything!!) but it can't be helped. By the time we get home not only will our deep freeze but also our pantry will be filled to the brim.

Once we have plenty of food in the house I plan to sit before the fireplace and start some serious stitching and hooking. I have so many ideas whirling around my head and thankfully everything bought to complete them. So, check back in a few days and I'll be sharing pictures of what all I'm making.

And now it's time to head my little ones towards the tub and then in a few hours they'll both be tucked in for the night. I hope this finds you safe & sound in a warm house, enjoying the Winter of 2010! Hugs, Sher

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Dawn said...

Sher, great to meet a new friend, and from Kansas! I live in Independence, located in the extreme cosouth east corner of the state. Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to hear from again!

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