Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our Mini Spring Break Vacation

What a week this has been!!!! It all started last week when Seth and Sam both came home for the weekend. Now that Sam has graduated college and started working we don't get to see him much so the weekend was spent catching one another up on all that is new in our lives and talking of his up-coming marriage.
It was also the start of our little ones Spring Break. Naturally Keith decided this would be the perfect time to take them on a little mini vacation. Now this might be a good time to add to those that don't know me, I HATE to leave home. I drive everyone around me crazy because I'm someone who has long as I can order online would stay home bound 24/7. That being said, I do realize life isn't about me alone so I agreed to go. Thankfully Seth was on Spring Break from college too so he agreed to come home and "farm sit".
Before starting out we made a list of things we wanted to do. Keith being one who has traveled all his life insisted we make our motel reservations ahead of time since we wanted a motel with an indoor pool. Now I ask you, who in there right mind would do something so stupid??? I've come to find out, anyone who is SMART!!!!
We left on Tuesday morning to cool air and cloudy skies. Naturally I didn't pack any warm clothes and only took along one blanket for the kids to wrap up in. Needless to say, our first stop was a trip to Wal-Mart where Jeni became the owner of a new jacket (Thankfully marked waaaaay down!!) and a blanket to wrap up in. After a quick breakfast we were on our way to Kansas City.
In Kansas City we took the children to a place called "Science City". As I've already said, I'm someone who hates to go places and even I would recommend this! The children had a ball. They rode a Sky Bike (Ok, not very far but they were at least brave enough to try it!!) went through an Astronaut Training Center, dug for dinosaur "bones" and did a million and one other things.
We also went to a Planetarium and saw a presentation of Ancient Israel, the story of Israel, the Dead Sea Scrolls and how they live with us today. It wasn't until we walked into the darn place that I suddenly remembered we were going to be shut up in a room that would be completely in the dark. Me, "Miss Claustrophobic" shut up in a dark room for God knows how long...NO WAY!!! I promptly left Keith and the children and sat on an end isle so if I had to get up and leave I could. Thankfully it wasn't all that dark and I was able to make it through the whole presentation. (Ok, so I SLEPT through it...Heck, I was tired from all the walking we had done!!)
Next we went to a Regnier Extreme Screen 3-D movie on Sharks. Of all the things we did on vacation we all agreed this one was the best. It was unbelievable those dumb looking glasses everyone had to wear could make sharks and other ocean life come right up in our faces. I was laughing so hard I could hardly watch the movie as little Drew kept putting his hands out to touch the animals as they came towards us! HA I hope each of you have a chance to take your children or grandchildren to see something like this as it was truly unforgettable!
Last on our stop there was a tour of Union Station. It brought back so many memories for Keith who had traveled by train as a child. To the rest of us it was interesting just seeing another wonderful piece for the past. How life has changed and I'm really not sure for the better.
Parking at Union Station was in a parking lot....One of those kinds where you drive around and around in a dark building to find a spot to park and then you try to remember which floor you were on and what area you parked your car. When we had went in the weather was sunny so we had just walked down stairs and to the area we were going. Coming out the skies had turned dark and the rain had started. We made a mad dash for the parking lot and decided to take the glass elevator to the floor our van was parked on. What happens next could only happen to us..........We were the only ones on the elevator and naturally Keith was looking outside at all the wonderful buildings around us. Just as the elevator door opened Keith said, "Sherry look out at that building...That's where we should have ate lunch." Drew and I turned around to look where he was pointing and Jeni stepped off the elevator. Someone must have pushed the button down below and those doors slammed shut and off we went. I was hysterical. Our nine year old daughter who has never been in a building like this was not up there all alone but that building was DARK and she had no idea where our car was!!!!! By the time the doors opened for the other people I was all but screaming we had to get back up there. (Keith said he thought I was going to push the other people out!) Thank God she had the presence of mind to stand by the doors and wait for us. (Although she admit she had thought about trying to find the car!!) She took one look at her daddy and started crying! I swear I lost ten years of my life over that one.
By the time we got out of there all I could think of was getting a motel. It's here I came to learn sometimes I really should listen to Keith. I kid you not, we drove all over and there wasn't one motel to be found that had an indoor pool. When we passed the second sign in a store window that said, "Cash for your title" I told Keith it was time to find a room, indoor pool or not!!!!
The rest of our little mini vacation passed uneventful. We shopped until we dropped and ate more than anyone should eat. The kids are already looking forward to their summer vacation and one thing you can be sure of...If there are anymore elevators this old mother will have a hand on both kids the whole time we are on it!

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