Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter in Kansas!

There is only one word for winter in Kansas this year....Weird!!!! I have honestly never seen a winter like we are having. We will go for days with freezing temperatures and then suddenly the sun will come out and things will warm up enough you don't even need a coat! Now I have to admit that we are really enjoying it. Winters are hard on Keith as he's cooped up in this house with nothing to do. So, when it warms up he's able to go out and piddle around outside. A much needed break for him! And don't tell him I said this but it's a much needed break for me too! (No matter how much you love someone, being with them 24/7 can get tiring!!!)
For the next two days we are going through one of our "warm spells". Once again I'll spend my time catching up on all this laundry. (So far this winter I have only had to use my dryer once!) It's true my old hands about freeze as I hang clothes out of a morning but by afternoon they are all nice and dry and I forget all about the pain I went through getting them to that point! HA
Since we have cold weather moving back in Friday, today will also be a time to fill our fireplace with wood and to bring more around front. Earlier this winter we ordered a load of firewood from an old grade school friend of mine and when they delivered it, they stacked it right in front of our house. While the wood is wonderful, it's not "seasoned" and therefore hard to burn in a fireplace. That means we have all this wonderful wood right in front of our house were it would be so easy to carry in and I'm having to walk around it and go to the back/side of the house and carry in the old. Oh well, I'm just thankful we have wood to burn and a fireplace to put it in so I won't complain. (And next winter will have tons of "seasoned" wood!!!)
Keith has been using these warm days to get our greenhouse ready for Spring. I tell him it's going to be months before we can actually plant some seeds but he's insisting it's time to get it ready. Unfortunately we have different ideas on how things should be set up out there so for right now I'm staying out of it.....Once it's time to plant I'll go out there and set it up the way I want! HA At least he's got it all nice and clean for me!!!
While I've talked of the warm days, I don't want to forget the cold ones too. These days give us those special times to be alone and talk about the future and what we hope it will bring for our children. They give me the time to hook, cross stitch and Needle Punch and Keith time to take long naps. They also gave us the time to watch the inauguration and President Obama being sworn in.
So, whether our days are cold or warm, winter in Kansas is to be cherished....Before long Spring will be in the air and we'll be so busy we won't have time to think. Winter Blessings, Sher

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