Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Where does your inspiration come from? I have to be honest and admit that a good deal of mine comes from the Internet. With just the click of the mouse I'm inside all my favorite bloggers homes. Drooling over their decorating ideas and asking myself, "Now why didn't I think of that!"

And of course we can't forget our wonderful friends who we see in person and chat with online. I'm always amazed how much a note from a dear friend can inspire me to get up and get something done. How sharing an idea with someone you love can make it seem 'right' and just perfect for your home.

Nature is another source of inspiration for me. At this time of year when I'm watching the leaves slowly drifting out of the trees and feeling the crisp morning air all my sense come alive. Suddenly it's like looking at the world through a different set of eyes. The eyes of someone who is seeing something for the first time. A simple red leaf can make me think of a new hooked rug design or primitive Fall pinkeep. Just the other day the stock of a tall, dead sunflower set my creative juices flowing. Think how one would looked hooked out of dirty light brown wool. The perfect table runner for Fall.

Our old farm provides it's share of inspiration too. As I walk around my eyes drift to the old pieces of wood laying here and there. They call my name to be picked up and have a small piece of cross stitch added to them. That's how the design came about for the above piece. While small in size it's just the perfect little piece to fit inside a made-over bowl. And to think it was made from a piece of wood the dog was carrying around in her mouth!!!!!

Yesterday while at my parents their old barn called my name. To expensive to be restored, it's slowly falling down. A part of my life that will end in a heap of old wood. This is the barn where my first husband and I stole kisses (Bet you didn't know that Mom & Dad! Then maybe you did but didn't want to admit it!) and where barn dances were held with my classmates. Daddy has gave me several pieces from it but that wasn't enough. Leaving Keith to talk to Mom, I walked around it. Suddenly I had an idea. This morning I shared that idea with Mom and she told me to go for it. For now I won't be telling anyone what my plans are but hopefully within the next few months I'll share it with all of you. A way for the old barn to live on for each of my sisters and our children.

Now it's time for another sort of inspiration....One my Sweetie loves....My cooking. On that note I'll sign off and get some Chili started for supper. May you find inspiration in everything and everywhere you look. Hugs, Sher

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primitivebettys said...

Your lil' cross stitch on the olde wood is really sweet. I already knew that though from seeing it in person. :) Looking forward to seeing your barn inspiration!



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