Monday, April 30, 2012

Strange….but true!

     I’m the first to admit, I love a good ghost story or mystery.   As a young girl I was known to write a few ‘hard to believe’ stories myself when asked to write something for school.  However, the story I’m about to tell is true.

     Two years ago we lost my Dad to heart failure.   He’d had a heart attack earlier but we were Blessed to have had him for seventeen more months.  During those seventeen months, Keith & I purchased a cell phone on our plan so no matter where he was he would always be able to summons help.   And it just wasn’t any old cell phone either~~It had to be one just like his friend Bob’s.   He loved that cell phone and wouldn’t go anywhere without it.  And  use it he did!   Each month when the phone bill would arrive, we always joked how Daddy had used more minutes than Keith & I combined.    When he passed away, we gave the phone to Mom so she too would have help no matter where she was at.

      As I’ve told you before, I know nothing about cell phones. My knowledge is limited to turning one on & off and checking missed calls.   Sad I know but I really don’t want to know anymore than that~~I have better things to do with my life than to walk around with a cell phone to my ear.   That being said, after this week, I do wish I knew a little more about one.   And here is why……….

       Last Wednesday, Keith & I made our weekly tip to Iola for groceries.   As always when I leave home, I turn my cell phone on (After all, I do want my kids or family members to be able to reach me if there’s an emergency.) and when we came home I turned it off and set it in it’s usual place in one of my old cupboards.

       That evening I was out feeding the farm cats when Jeni came running out, cell phone in hand.  Her face was completely white and as she shoved the phone at me she said, “It sounds like Grandpa!”   Taking the phone from her I said, “Hello” and I swear, in a voice that sounded just like my Dad’s a man said, “Shelia?”   Now Shelia is my little sisters name and she’s the only one of us girls that my Dad ever called.   I was so shocked all I could say was, “Who?”.   Once again the man said, “Shelia?”.   I told him he must have the wrong number and he said, “Oh, sorry.” and hung up.

       Closing the phone I was so shaken I could hardly talk.   It didn’t help that Jeni kept saying, “Mom, that sounded just like Grandpa!”   Like I didn’t know it!   And I was thinking how I knew I turned that phone off when I got home so how did it get turned back on?

     At first I wasn’t going to tell anyone but Keith  what had happened.   Let’s face it, something like this might qualify me to be committed for life.   However, when my sister Sindy called yesterday I decided to tell her about my “Phone call from Daddy.”   I fully expected to hear laughter on the other end of the line and then for her tell me that now she knows I’m nuts.   Instead, there was complete silence.  Finally she asked what day of the week this happened and I told her Wednesday and asked why.    That’s when she told me her story.

      On Tuesday she was at work in her office.    Like me, she never has her cell phone on and suddenly it started ringing.  She said it scared her half to death and by the time she got to it, the caller had hung up.    When she checked missed calls it said, “Dad’s cell”.   (Even though Mom now has the phone, we both still have it listed as dad’s cell on our phones.)   Thinking Mom was trying to reach her she called her right back.   Imagine her surprise when Mom said she hadn’t used the cell phone all day!

       After several minutes of silence we both started laughing.    I told her couldn’t have been Dad , he didn’t get to take his cell phone with him.   Mom got it!

       I suppose this is one of those things we’ll never know the answer to.    I’d like to think Daddy was checking up on me, even if he did think he was calling Shelia.   After all, even in life Dad never could get our names straight!  



Ter'e said...

Hi Sher:
I am so happy to see you have a blog. I had no clue.

I loved your story about the cell phone. I have weird happenings all the time. I no longer question them. I just roll with the punches.

My psychic (who I have had for about 16 years) tells me that I have 6 spirits that stay with me all the time. I call on them on a regular basis, when something is in the works. I always feel their presence. And, at times, I hear them.

So I am not one that would question the phone calls. Enjoy them and smile. And, when a "weirdness" sure to say thank you. Spirits love praise. The more you praise, the more they will do for you.

OK, now you know I am really cuckooooo!!!!!! Actually I am sitting here, smiling, feeling really happy for you!

Sherry said...

Oh, I believe, I really do! How wonderful that your beloved Dad was able to contact you girls and let you know he is still with you!

A few days after my dad died he let Mom know that he was okay and still with us. Dad had passed at home (in a hospital bed set up in one part of the living room, he had been sick with cancer and the last few months of his life were spent there with Mom being his primary caregiver) One night while Mom and my sister were watching TV the lamp that was closest to where the hospital bed had been suddenly turned on! This continued for several nights and each time Mom said it brought her comfort to know that Dad was still watching over things.

The next time I had a "visit" from Dad was years later. Mom and I had talked about going to visit Dad's sister (Aunt Josie) since we hadn't seen her in some time. She lived way out in the country near the old family homestead. The day before my Aunt's birthday, I was sleeping and suddenly Dad's voice woke me. He said as clear as day "Tell your Mother that Aunt Josie has passed on", I quickly sat up and played those words over in my mind, wondering if I was just dreaming or what? Though I had heard his voice with no question. That morning I called Mom and told her what Dad had said, she thought I was for sure dreaming or making it up. She then said we would go visit Aunt Josie the next day on her b'day. Well, that evening the call came from family that Aunt Josie had passed on suddenly! Mom and I were sorry we hadn't made the trek to see her and now we wouldn't be able to. A lesson to never put off for tomorrow what can be done today!

Many times John and I have smelled the sweet aroma of Dad's pipe tobacco. Each time it brings comfort and a bit of joy to know that he is still with us and watching over us. There are other stories of loved ones who have passed and still connect with the living. So, I believe, I truly do and I hope that you do too!

I have a small angel that reads "Love Never Dies", which I firmly believe, those we love live on in our hearts and memories and sometimes come to us in dreams, lights, phone calls and in ways they can get our attention to remind us that we are always loved.

Thanks for sharing your story, take comfort in knowing that your Dad is with you and always will be!

Sher (NY)

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