Sunday, June 03, 2012

Summer 2012

    The days of summer are flying by.    We started our summer out with our niece, Emily’s, graduation from pharmacy school.  (Not only did she graduate from Pharmacy School but she graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy!!)  Emily is a beautiful young lady (Tall & super skinny~~Aunt Sher as always said she should have been a model!) and she graduated with the second highest grades in her class.    My Mom is still talking about her graduation and loves to tell Jeni that she has to do as well as her other granddaughters, Emily, Alex and Kara, has done.  Thanks Mom for putting more pressure on us!

      Next our Jeni graduated from 8th grade.   One of the tallest girls in her class, everyone remarked that she looked just like a model walking down a runway.   High school is just around the corner & ole Mom here sure isn’t ready.   They’re growing up much to fast for their dad & I.

      School had no more than came to a close when I ended up sick.   What started out as simple summer cold soon turned into the full blown flu.  For one week I laid in bed in misery.  I still have the cold but at least feel like I’m going to live.  (Wasn’t sure about that for several days.)

      Now that I’m back on my feet, I’m trying to play ‘catch up’ with life.   This weekend we’ve had a lot of company.~~Including our precious new grandson Kolton.  I swear there has never been a better baby than Kolt.  I don’t think he even knows what the word cry means.   I told Kara if she hand-picked that child she couldn’t have gotten a better one.   She may be going to China next month on business & if she does, we’re planning on baby-sitting him for four or five days.  Kara & Paul don’t know it, but we plan to spoil him so rotten they won’t want him back!

      Since I lost a week of my life due to sickness, I’m having to work like crazy to get new things done for my booth.    As of this morning I’ve completed four Needle Punch projects and I have a Patriotic rug half hooked.   My near friend Sher from New York sent me a goodie box last week (Wanna see the wonderful primitive summer prairie bonnets she sent?….6-2-12 smaller Aren’t they gorgeous?   I’m gonna be honest, if they don’t sell the first month, this ole gal is gonna buy them and they are gonna hang in MY house!!!)   Between all the things she sent and the things I’ve been making, my booth should have a whole new look shortly.

     While I’ve been busy doing my thing, Keith has been busy doing his.  In getting our pool ready for summer, he decided to re-do the pool deck and make it a little bigger.   It took him over a week but at last everyone is back to swimming the summer away.

     So, life is going on and we’re flowing with it.  Hopefully next time I write I’ll have more pictures to share.  Until then, remember to make the most of every precious moment and take time to do the things you love.  Blessings, Sher

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