Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Our Old Farm

Located just one hour South of Topeka, "Old Crow Farm" sits on the Kansas prairies. Named for all the large black crows on our farm, this little piece of land is definitely our piece of heaven here on this old earth.
I honestly think I was born in the wrong era. While other women love to shop and run around, I'm perfectly happy sitting out here on our old farm. From the time I was a little girl at my grandmother's knee, I have loved anything old with a story behind it. My grandmother made everything she touched and every story she told magical.
I'm all grown up now but things haven't changed a whole lot. Now I'm the mother/grandmother who has little ones sitting at her knee and I'm still in love with old things with all their chips and dings. Like my grandmother before me, I'm still hanging out my clothes, baking my own bread, trying my hand at soap making and living on a shoe string budget. Heck, is there any other way to live???
The newest adventure on our farm is that we have started what will soon become our very own vintage junk shop. Taking an old cattle shed, lumber from my parents farm and things we have picked up at auctions, "Old Crow Farm" is starting to come to life! When done, it's going to be filled to the brim with old treasures, each with it's own story to tell. While nothing will be "pristine", each primitive "treasure" will still have a lot of life and love left in them to make someone happy.
If you enjoy old things and life on the farm we hope you will check back often. There will be lots of pictures and adventures to share, I promise! If you live on a farm too and share our love of old things and making do on a shoe-string budget, please drop us a note


BrocanteHome said...

Hi it's Alison from BrocanteHome here. Oh how I wish I wasn't a million miles away and could come shopping with you....

Utterly scrumptious!

Aunt Jenny said...

Love your place!! I am reading this way later..Jan 2006..but love reading your have such a way with words and I love the pictures too! I wish you were my neighbor!!!

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