Saturday, December 17, 2005

Once Again....

It's that time of year again.~~~Time to put up the Christmas tree and dig out the ornaments. Now the key word here is "dig". If I was an organized person (Anyone who knows me knows I'm far from it!) we wouldn't be in this mess every year.
Ok, it's all my fault and I'm the first to admit it. The minute Christmas is over I'm so anxious to get that tree down I lose all common sense. I start yelling at Keith to get it out of the house and back to the storage shed. That's how I lose track of where everything is!
One reason I hate putting up a tree each year is because we live in a little tiny house. This mean in order to put up a tree we have to take some of the furniture out of the living room. Not a fun thing to do when the temperatures are dropping daily!
This year I decided I'd had enough. I was going to solve the large Christmas tree problem once and for all. A trip to town brought home a skinny little tree that even had it's own lights. (One less thing for me to find each year!!) For over a week it proudly stood with it's little lights twinkling and not so much as one ornament on it!
Lucky for us my dear friend Sher in New York (Check out her wonderful Blog: ) must have known the situation. Last week we received this BIG box from her and dear husband and in it was several items for our tree. (Bless you dear friend!!) When Keith saw those ornaments scattered around the tree trying to fill it up he decided to take matters into his own hands.~~He braved the cold and dug through the storage shed until he found the ornament box!
So, once again Old Crow Farm has a decorated Christmas tree. In my heart though, I know by December of 2006 you'll hear me once again saying, "Now where did we put those ornaments last year?"

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sewbzy said...

Too funny! It's not that you're unorganized dear friend but that you're so very busy with doing for others! Thanks so much for sending a box brimming with your delicious homemade goodies (each of which was packaged so beautifully, too!)all the way to NY! Everything is oh so yummy!!! *smacking lips and smiling big time here! Ha!*
But, even sweeter is your wonderful gift of friendship for which I am blessed to enjoy throughout the year!

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