Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It was the day the two little ones and I had been waiting for.~~Last night the weatherman predicted that by morning we would have the first major snowfall of the year. Now not just and inch or two but anywhere from five to eight inches! Unheard of in our area!!!
So, this morning we all ran for the picture window in the living room. Flipping on the yard light the squeals started!..Snow was coming down! While not the big fluffy flakes we love, snow is still snow!!!
It's been coming down all morning. So far about three inches are gracing "Old Crow Farm" and they say it's to keep up through tonight! Wahoo!!!
Jeni and Drew still had school so that meant Keith and I had the day to ourselves. The first order of the day was to get the fireplace going. Once it was blazing we could do some fun things. Earlier this morning I saw where one of the farmgals from MaryJane's Farm site ( had posted a recipe for Soft Molasses Cookies. They sounded so good I just had to try them out! I'm glad I did because not only are they wonderful but the smell of spices is now filling the house!
Since it's bitter cold here, Keith and I have decided to use the oven to fix most of our supper. We've decided to have Stuffed green peppers, small red potatoes with Olive Oil and herbs, cauliflower in cheese sauce and fresh buttermilk biscuits. Gee, why can't everyday be a snow day????

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