Saturday, February 11, 2006

Old Bottles

Several months ago, Keith and I were at an auction when this strange looking box appeared. The box itself was filthy and the contents not in any better shape. Digging through it we found it to be filled with old bottles. Now I sure didn't have any use for old bottles but I told Keith if it didn't go to high to buy it. Sure enough, we picked it up for a few dollars.~~~ We probably spent more money on the water and soap to wash them than we did the bottles themselves!
Most of the bottles are now out in my shop in an old wooden basket with a tag reading "Old Bottles $1 each." I'll probably never know what they once held. One can only imagine as they look at their different sizes and colors. One thing we can be sure of, those that held medicine would be surprised to see their plastic sister bottles of today.

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Mindy said...

great bottles!! lots of uses for these pretty little finds! Enjoy!

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