Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our Exciting News!

For years we have talked about it....At long last we are starting to fulfill our dream! As of Thursday Keith has started the work on our very own "Little House on The Prairie"! How this house will turn out I have no idea. It's being built with used lumber and anything else we can pick up at sales and auctions. One thing I do know, it's going to be the perfect place for our little ones and us to get away from the daily routine of life. It will have two rooms as the main part and then a small room that in time we hope to put a real bathroom in. It will be built in our pasture and just like those that came before us, it will look out onto the Kansas prairies. When will it be done? Not anytime soon that's for sure! At our age everything is done one day at a time and in very slow motion. However, I do know it will be completed as soon as Keith's old bones allow. He says that will be no latter than May!
For now it's string laid out into a 16X21 rectangle and concrete blocks where the foundation will soon be. To most people it looks like string and blocks, to us it looks like another dream being carried out on our little farm!


sewbzy said...

Wow! What a great beginning to a wonderful new adventure for ya'll to enjoy!
Keep the pics coming as it's fun to share in the excitment of watching your very own Little House on the Kansas Prairie come to life!

Sher~ NY

Mindy said...

Wonderful!! Keep us posted please...this will be fun to see this happen for you all!!

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