Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Perfect Piece!

The past two days we have been running around and I'm to the point I'm about to drop! Don't get me wrong, the "running around" we've been doing has been wonderful! First we attended two auctions (Bought several neat things!) and then Keith told me it was time to hit the REAL antique stores and see if I couldn't find the 'perfect piece' so I could make up my mind on how I wanted our "cabin" to go!
I guess I had better back up here and explain that statement. For weeks we have been calling this new building, "the cabin" and yet in the back of my mind I wasn't sure I wanted it to be a cabin. You see, I love the primitive, rustic look of a 'cabin' BUT I also love the soft, romantic look of a 'cottage'. Now Keith doesn't care which I go with but he's got to know within the next few weeks which it's going to be so he'll know how to do the outside of the building!!!
So, yesterday he took me antique shopping. He said he didn't care what I bought, or what I spent...It just had to be something that would be the deciding factor on what our building was going to be decorated in. We tromped in and out of antique shops and suddenly there it was...The perfect half corner piece! Once it had been painted in that old timey green paint but it was all peeling off and had left it with that look I love. I flipped over the price tag and decided we could eat beans for the next week and said I wanted it! (I got lucky...It was 15% off when I got up to pay for it so we only have to eat beans for half the week!!!)
Now with my first real piece for the building you would think I would know if it's going to be a cabin or cottage...WRONG...This piece would go either way!!! It has a rustic look to it and yet it has that Shabby Chic look I love so much too! So, once again I'm right back to where I was...Cabin or cottage???? What do you think????


Kay said...
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Kay said...

This piece speaks cottage chic to me!!! That new building definitely must be a cottage! Pink roses planted outside -- maybe even a climber over the door. Walk inside to lots of white, chippy furniture. Vintage linens in all shades of pink, pale blue, sage green, and some yellow thrown in the mix!! Romantic all the way!

Peggy said...

What decor is your home? If it is more shabby chic then go with the cabin to be different or if its more country primitive then go with the cottage look.. that way you will have the best of both worlds... love the cabinet!!!!!!

sewbzy said...

Oh Sher, what a lovely cabinet you've found! It looks cottage chic to me too and knowing how you love the romantic shabby chic look I'd have to vote for Keith building you a cottage!!!

Having seen the beautiful romantic shabby chic bedroom you created I'd have to say that's definitely your style, dear friend! Ü

Sher~ winter weary NY -(not the city! lol)

Aunt Jenny said...

I LOVE the cabinet..I think I would eat beans for two weeks to get that one!!
I love primitive and shabby chic both too...and you are right it could go either way. Hmmmmmm I don't think I am any help...but i do think you have excellent taste!!

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