Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling Like Fall!

Good Morning Girls!

It's a crisp cool Fall day here on the farm! Yesterday we woke up to our first frost of the season but today it's just cold! One of those days when you wish you could just snuggle back in under the covers but you know it's not possible...Because you have little ones to get around for school! So, with them out the door, the house is mine!

Now before I go any farther I want to thank Betty over at PrimitiveBetty's for the above wonderful award. I've known she awarded it to me for over a week but there just hasn't been the time to post it. THANKS Betty!!!! I wish I could say I deserved it but the truth is, my Fall decorating has taken a backseat because of all that is going on in my life. And I'm going to award it to all girls who are decorating their homes in brilliant, Fall colors!

With Fall in the air, things are getting busier around the farm. These next few days Keith and I are going to find ourselves coming and going with all we have going on. However, as busy as we are we are going to take some time for us. Today at noon we'll be going one of our local Mexican Restaurants for lunch. We love their #1's so know just what we'll be ordering. And then once we eat we'll head to our local Dollar General to pick up some things we're needing....Things like cat food for the farm cats! It seems like this cold air is making the animals as well as the humans eat a lot more! HA
Well girls, it's time to do a little house-work so I'd best get in there. If I don't get to it this afternoon, tomorrow I'll be posting a picture of a piece of our living room decorated for Fall. I hope you'll all having a super day and getting more done than I am. Hugs, Sher

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

You've been BOO-ed!! Pick up your treat and leave a comment on my blog!


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