Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Living Room

Yesterday I promised to show you one little section of our living room and how I have it decorated for Fall. This area is the love seat that sets to the south-west of our fireplace. I think I wrote about this section of our living room on my other blog....Everything you see is "used". Things that have been bought from auctions, yard sales or given to us. The most expensive thing you see was the sofa and it was bought at the Salvation Army for $50! And of course as you look at the picture you'll notice more "crows" tucked here and there!
Do you see the green "Drawer Box" sitting under the old bench? This is one of my newest finds when Keith and I went out junking. It's an old Atlas Powder Co. wooden box that someone has turned into drawers. It's the neatest thing and a real make-do as they even used wooden spools for the handles! I just love things like this as they are so unique.
Also, I don't know if you can see it but inside the old wooden dough bowl on the bench is an old granitware dipper. This old dipper holds many wonderful memories. That's because it belonged to a wonderful (At that time) eighty year old woman who loved to tell the story of how she meet her second husband. She said he came to the door and said something teasingly and she had the dipper in her hand full of water and she through it through the screen door onto him. Several years later they were married and she always said they fell in love at first "throw". I couldn't believe it when she went to live with her daughter twenty-six years ago and told me she wanted me to have it. For years it's hung off a hook in my kitchen (Just as it did in Muriel's) but for Fall I've moved it to the living room where it holds a white pumpkin with crow on top. Now it's making memories for us.
Our living room is the place where our family gathers each day and this touch of Fall makes us all know winter is just around the corner and soon we'll be sitting in front of the fireplace with a roaring fire longing for warmer days. Hugs, Sher

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