Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Birthday

For the past month there has been a count down in our home! Each morning our precious seven year old daughter, Jeni, has been telling us how many more days there are before she turns eight! From the excitement in her voice you would think she was turning sixteen and being handed the keys to her very own brand new car!
At last the count down is over. Today is the day we have, by this time, all been waiting for! Now this is no small affair! We had to have both homemade cookies and "goodie bags" for every child in her second grade class.
Then of course there was the family birthday party after school. All she asked for was the "Princess Alexa" doll and as you can tell by the above picture our little princess got her wish!
So tonight we have a happy little girl in our house. Old Mom and Dad are feeling a little older and a little sadder. For after all, it won't be much longer until our little girl will no longer be excited about the count down to turning one year older. Before she knows it, she'll be dreading those birthdays just like every other women does. So enjoy it princess while you can....And now there are only 364 days until you turn nine!

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