Friday, November 11, 2005

The Old Dough Bowl

For months now I have been hunting on e-bay for an old dough bowl. There is just something about those old bowls that stir my imagination. Maybe it's because I'm someone who loves to cook. Just looking at them brings to mind how all the women before me made their daily bread. Alas their cost has been out of my budget so I've just drooled over them and passed on bidding.
Imagine my surprise when Keith and I went to an auction earlier this week and there among the junk was, "the bowl"! Measuring twenty-seven and half inches it was a dream come true. Heck, not only was it primitive but it even came with it's own worm holes! Never mind that it had a crack down the middle. Or that someone had used two rusty tin can lids on each end to try and repair it, in my eyes it was perfect.
I looked at Keith and told him to take note.~~~When we left that sale that old bowl was going to be clutched in my grubby little hands.
For over an hour I stood by that bowl waiting for it's turn at the auction block to come up. As the auctioneer moved closer I kept glancing around to see if anyone else was showing any interest in it. Suddenly the auctioneer was before me. For the next three minutes the bidding was fast and furious and when it was over~~~ Well, let's just say there was one unhappy person and it wasn't me!!!!!


Kay said...

Love this story and I love the bowl! I'm so glad you won it!

ms*robyn said...

great bowl! I love auctions

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