Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We May Have to Move

Yes, it's true.~~~We may have to move off Old Crow Farm. Not because we can't make the payments and not because we have become too feeble to keep up with all the farm work. Rather we may be forced to move because of our six year old son's action Halloween night! Here's why..................
In the last few weeks Drew has started carrying around this little tiny stuffed camel. (Note his hands in the picture.) Last night as we were getting ready to take the children "Trick or Treating" I noticed Drew making a costume out of Kleenex for "Camel". This is where I made my first mistake. Why didn't I ask him "WHY" he was doing that??? My second mistake was not watching what he had in his hand when I was loading everyone in the van.
It wasn't until we stopped at the first house did I find out what our darling son was up to! After giving my yearly lecture of "Take one piece of candy and say thank you" we all get out of the car and go tromping up to the door. Jeni, being the perfect little witch, took her one piece of candy and said a polite, "thank you." Then it was Drew's turn. Oh, he took his piece of candy and said "thank you" all right. Then, in the blink of an eye he stuck "Camel" out and said, "Can Camel have a piece too?" I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!! The minute we got back in that car I grabbed "Camel" and gave that child a lecture.
At the next house "Camel" stayed in the car with Daddy but Drew already had another plan. Once again we went through each child taking a piece of candy and saying thank you. Suddenly Drew said, "Camel is in the car, can I have a piece for him too?" I could have crawled under the porch!
From then on, at every house we went to he pulled this stunt.~~~This from a child who doesn't even eat candy!!! We live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and the only way I can think of facing people from now on is to MOVE!!!!
As we were coming home last night Keith remarked, "Wouldn't our lives be sad if we hadn't adopted these two?" When I raised my eye brows he said, "Ok, maybe I should have said quiet instead of sad." Quiet yes and oh so boring!!!!

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